Attractions In Ladakh

Attractions In Ladakh

Ladakh which is a short word for land of high passes. It is a region packed between The Himalayas to the south and The Karakoram mountain range to the north. Ladakh comprises of two major districts

in the state of Jammu & Kashmir i.e, Kargil and Leh, while leh is the major part in Ladakh.

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There are only two roads in and out of this region, the high altitude Manali – Leh Highway from Himachal Pradesh and the Zoji-La Pass and Kargil route from Srinagar side. The roads often get blocked due to heavy snow in these regions. The road from Manali can only be used in April/May to October/November. But the road from Srinagar
side is opened a month before and closed a month after the Manali road. Buses are common in this region. services are done from and to Leh and Kargil. The ladakh region also features an Airport at Leh , the Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport. Take care on the journey because people are exposed to altitude sickness.

One of the major attractions in Ladakh is Trekking. There are lots of treks to be done in Ladakh. To know more details about treks Click Here.

Other Places To visit Here:

Zanskar Range/Zanskar: Zanskar is a subdistrict of Kargil and it covers an are of 7,000 sq kms.

Zanskar is approximately at an elevation of 11,500–23,000 feet. It is a starting point of many treks. The village padum in Zanskar is a major base point for trekking.
Zanskar offers many sightseeing experiences like kings castle in Zanskar , Zongkhul Monastery which is in a cave and is 300 years old. The cave paintings gives evidence of earlier civilization. The walk to Stagrimo Monastery makes an amazing experience where you can meet with lamas.

The fresh water that flows through Zanskar river makes the place prestigious. Its worth a visit to the river. Rafting through the river is an amazing experience as it is done through one of the most heavenly gorges. Be careful, the water in the river is intensively cold.

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Rupshu: Rupshu is an other attraction in Ladakh. It is located southeast of Ladakh and is a high altitue Plateau. It is near Tsomoriri and has varying width of 20 to 50 Kilometers. It has an altitude of 4,500 and 5,500 metres.

Markha River: Markha River is a tributary of Zanskar river which passes through Ladakh. The valley alongside it called the Markha Valley is one of the most popular trekking routes. The valley comprises of two mountains namely Stok Kangri mountain (20,182 feet) and Kang Yatze mountain (21,000 feet). Tache gompa is a Buddhist Monastery located in Markha Valley.

Razi Khar/Chiktan : Chiktan is a part of the Kargil district, which is well known for its culture and
tradition. Chiktan folk song is a popular folk song. The old palace in Chiktan is called the Razi Khar.

Suru Valley :[See Map] The Suru River one of the powerful tributary of the Indus River makes up Sankoo, Rangdum, Kartse, Khar, Panikhar. To stay near suru valley, camps can be found in the valley.
Suru valley. The Most significant place in the valley is the Kargil Town. The potential for tourism here is very much high, but it lacks in tourists. The best time to visit is from July to September. The places of most importance are :

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