Flowing with the waves in Digha

Digha possesses one of the most beautiful sea beaches by the Bay of Bengal. Lakhs of footfalls are witnessed every year in this small town. Even a few years back, this was considered a remote sea beach with sparse tourist concentration. But through the last decade, the popularity of the place increased exponentially and is now considered a must-visit place in West Bengal.

What to expect in Digha?

Before setting your foot to a new place, we want you to have a brief idea of what you can expect here. Apart from the mighty sea, you get to enjoy yourself on a sandy beach accompanied by the roaring of the waves. The scenic beauty and the picturesque sceneries around the city of Digha will make you simply Wow.

Best time to visit Digha

The most favorable time to visit Digha is during the winter months of October to February. Summers are too hot here, so it is better to hit this place in winter. Moreover, Digha is more like a weekend getaway from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal.

How to reach Digha?

Digha is easily accessible by all modes of transport now. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. From there you can hire a car to reach Digha directly. If you want to travel by train, then catch a train from Howrah Junction Railway Station and depart at Digha Station. It will take you 6-7 hours to reach Digha by train from the heart of Kolkata.

Best foods to taste in Digha

Bengal and Fish are the two sides of the same coin. And Digha hosts the highest stock of fish in the entire state. Fishes here range from raw fish to fried fish or even cooked fish. If you are a non-vegetarian, try your hands at the fishes. You will know why Bengalis are highly into eating fish. You can also check out other kinds of seafood that are being sold here in Digha Beach.

Who should visit Digha?

Digha is perfect for couples and honeymooners owing to the beautiful sea beach. Photography enthusiasts find this place to be heaven. Even for nature lovers, Digha is none less than a paradise. Digha is also apt for a small group of friends, wishing to go for an adventurous trip.

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