Murshidabad Travel Guide: Tourism in West Bengal

A shout out to all the History lovers out there, Murshidabad in West Bengal is the heart of history in India’s freedom. Murshidabad has been the hub of India from the era of the Mughal Empire to British Lords. The city stands witness to history at its core.

How to reach Murshidabad?

Murshidabad can be most conveniently reached by rail and road transport. Mail and express trains are available in square numbers a day. Local trains from Sealdah Railway Station are available daily for the visitors.  From Kolkata, the capital of the state, there are no direct buses to Murshidabad. You have to get down at Malda and hire a cab or taxi from there.

Why is Murshidabad famous?

Murshidabad etches a mark in the history of India. The town has many monuments, museums and forts dating back to the times of History. Every brick in the town speaks up a different chapter in History. Visit here to be surrounded by the wave of history.

Best time to visit Murshidabad

The best time to visit Murshidabad is between October to March. Located close to the Tropic of Cancer, the town experiences hot summer and cold winter. It is best to visit this place in the shoulder months of early winter or early summer.

Who should visit Murshidabad?

People who love history from the core of their heart should take a visit to Murshidabad. Moreover, professional photo shooters find this place to be their paradise. Even school and college students can visit this place to develop a vibration of history within them.

The time needed for Murshidabad Trip

Murshidabad is mostly a weekend getaway for travellers. Two to three days at a stretch are enough to visit this place completely. Bring your family and friends along with you to enjoy quality time amidst the greenery.

Food to taste in Murshidabad

The signature dish of Murshidabad is a Mughlai dish, which includes biryani and mishti pulao. You can also taste simple thali from the roadside dhabas but be careful about the hygiene of the place before eating from any hotel. Also, try to consume water from sealed water bottles because tap water from municipal corporations is infested with arsenic and other pollutants.

Local Handicrafts at Murshidabad

Murshidabad is well known for the talented handicrafts of local people. From embroidery to ornaments, Murshidabad is a leader by itself in the market of handicrafts. These handicrafts are exported to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and other South-Eastern countries.

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