Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Mahasamund district, established in the year 1976 under Wildlife Protection Act. Jonk River flows through this sanctuary which is an arm of Mahnadi River. The forest cover of sanctuary is around 245 sq km and, the setting is mostly flat but you can experience hilly terrain occasionally. The sanctuary has derived its name from the twin forests villages Bar and Nawapara located within the sanctuary and the wildlife there is still unexplored. 

When To Visit

The forests of the sanctuary are tropical dry deciduous type which means the summers are long and harsh, so summers can be avoided. The Monsoons are quite heavy but the entire raining make the forest cover lush green, and completely filled water bodies makes the water sound. Therefore, the best time to plan a visit is after rainy season i.e. between Novembers to June. 

Touristy Attractions

Dhaskund Waterfall


Gond Nagarjuna Caves or Chana Dai 

Nakuti Darha Waterfall

Dhaskund Waterfall 

How To Reach

By Road

Getting Barnawapra Wildlife Sanctuary by road is entertaining because of picture square scenes of blooming flowers and lush green forests. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot a deer. Apart from driving there is another option to take CSRTC bus any part of the state to the sanctuary. The bus charge varies accordingly. 

By Railways

The closest railhead in service is Mahamasund Railway Station distanced at approx 50kms from there. Once you get off the train, you can opt for any public transport to reach the wildlife sanctuary. 

By Airways

The capital city Raipur is quite close to Barnawapra Wildlife Sanctuary distanced at approx 82kms. Therefore, the nearest serving airport is Swami Vivekananda International Airport i.e. Raipur Airport.  This is the most convenient way to reach there because Raipur airport is accessible from any part of the country very frequently. The average flight charge per person is Rs7700 per head. 

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