Bum La Pass Tourism

The Bum La Pass is a prominent attraction of Arunachal Pradesh with significant historical events. The Indian army defends the border of the nation in this area and after visiting the place you all grow much respect and appreciation for the brave army of India. You can visit this beautiful destination after special permission from the Indian army which consists of some identity proofs and form fillup.

How to reach

This place is only accessible by permission from the office of deputy commissioner in Tawang district.

The nearest airport near Tawang is in Tezpur, Assam. The distance between Tezpur and Tawang is almost 330km and it takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Tawang by road.

The nearest railway station is again at Tezpur which is approximately 314km from Tawang and takes almost the same by road. This railway line is connected to the majority of the cities in India.

From Tawang after taking the permission, Bumla pass is just 20 km away from the place. A private vehicle will be best to visit the distance. The roads are bumpy so the distance might seem quite long.

Best time to visit

The summer season and the autumn season that is March to June and September to mid-November respectively would be the best favorable climate for all the tourists of Arunachal Pradesh.

About the place

As mentioned earlier this place is a significant place for all the historic events and it is said that the Dalai Lama passed this place to enter India.

Situated at an elevation of 15000 feet from the ground, Bumla pass presents an elegant view of the Tibetan plateau surrounded by snow-capped mountains all over the place. This place has snow all over the year because of the high level. The beautiful journey on the road towards Bumla pass also reveals a lot about the place. The rivers, lakes, and the natural beauty of the place make one spellbound. The place is very calm and less crowded which makes someone to observe the natural beauty even more.

And after all, the hot tea from the army canteen will just give a perfect ending to the trip towards Bumla pass.

An inner line permit is necessary to enter the state of the northeast which is easily available online at around INR 100-400. Along with this, special permission from the Army is also required which I have mentioned earlier.

Make sure you visit the place to know the significance of the Indian Army and how they save our country in the hardest weather facing all difficulties. Besides that, the snow-capped mountains and the tranquility of nature adds more elegance to the place.

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