Palaces In Srinagar

Palaces In Srinagar

Srinagar which is a beautiful city with many gardens and magnificent lakes, also has glorious palaces which has a large history to tell. The town mainly has two palaces namely, Gulab Bhavan and Sher Garhi Palace, which both of them were build and owned by the ancient Dogra Dynasty. Both the Gulab Bhavan and Sher Garhi Palace were used as residential palaces for the Maharajas of the Dogra Dynasty.

Gulab Bhavan  [See Map] was a royal residence of the kings of Dogra Dynasty in Jammu & Kashmir which was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in the year 1910. It was built in the eastern part of the city and had a view of the Dal lake. The old Gulab Bhavan is just an 8 kilometer road journey from Srinagar town. The palace was modified by the next king Maharaja Hari Singh. Later after the Independence of India, The Maharaja moved out of Srinagar and the palace was converted into a hotel. Now it is known as the Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar.

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There is an other palace which is much older than Gulab Bhavan, The Sher Garhi Palace is just a 3 kilometer from the town. Sher Garhi Palace was too the residence of the Maharajas of the Dogra Dynasty in Jammu & Kashmir. The Sher Garhi Palace and its compound rests in the left shore of the Jhelum River.  The name of the fort means ‘Fortress of Tiger’. It was a large complex and was constructed as to be a fortress in the year 1772 by Jawansher Khan who was the Afghan governor. The palace was for expanded several times in the 19th century by the rulers. In the early 2000’s the palace became the victim of fire. The olden palace complex is now named as the ‘Old Secretariat’, which now is used by the government of Jammu & Kashmir for housing various departments of government.
To Stay Here there is a descent number of accommodations available in the city. If you want to spend a day majestically you can stay at the old Gulab Bhavan which now is the  Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar.
Or if you like here is a list of hotels in Srinagar you might lie to check out.
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