Temples In Srinagar

Temples In Srinagar

Temples are a part of religion and culture, India is of course rich of it. Srinagar is a town with magnificent history which has many ancient temples which has a mark in the history. Travelers who loves culture and religions will of course be amazed of the vibrant culture of Srinagar which temples have a major role to play. The major temples in Srinagar are:

01.Shankaracharya Temple
The Shankaracharya Temple one of the oldest temple sits in the Shankaracharya hill in the Zabarwan Mountain ranges. The temple is so old as it can be dated back to 200 BC but the current building was known to be built in 9th AD. The temple is in Srinagar and is also known as Jyesteshwara temple. The temple is at a elevation of over 1800 meters and has a magnificent view of the Srinagar township. This is a single structure and it is dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva. Once Adi Shankara visited the temple and thus the temple got the name Shankaracharya Temple. The temple is considered sacred by Hindus as well as Buddhists. As history go some of them even believe that this was built by Buddhists and later on converted to Hindu temple.
Currently pilgrims who are undertaking the Amarnath Yatra visits the temple also there is regular worship in the temple.

Timings: The temple is open all days of the week from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm but entry is limited till 5:00 pm. The entrance to the Temple is guarded by the army and is important to note that you cannot carry camera or mobile into the temple. (Know More)

Get Here: Shankaracharya Temple is at a distance of 11 kilometers from Srinagar Town. [See Map]

02.Hari Parbat
A fort which actually started construction in 1590 and completed only in 1808, a Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Jagadamba Sharika Bhagawati and several other structures wholly is known as the Hari Parbat. It is known as the Sharika Peeth among the Hindus. Know More about  Hari Parbat.
Get Here: Hari Parbat is at a distance of  5 kilometers from Srinagar Town. [SeeMap]

Visit the Official Website of Hari Parbat.

03.Kheer Bhawani
Dedicated to the Goddess Kheer Bhawani or Bhawani the temple was constructed in the year 1912 by

the ruler Maharana Pratap Singh. The atmosphere of the temple is calm and quiet making it a nice spot to rest as well as a place to pray. Due to this atmosphere not only pilgrims but also tourists visit the area. The temple is built over a spring which is believed to be sacred. The name Kheer is that of a dish which is sweet and is made from milk, this is offered as prasad to the god. The spring which is believed to be sacred is an attraction as it is known to change colors with patterns of red, pink, orange, green, blue, white, etc.  An annual festival is celebrated here on the day of the Shukla Paksha Ashtami. At that day, devotees take on fasting and gather at the temple to pay respect and loyalty to the Goddess. An other festival is the Jesht Ashtami which is conducted at May-June months in the temple. At this time people from far away come here to pay their homage. They believe that, the spring changes its color as a sign of blessings from the Goddess. This festival is concluded with ‘Maha Yagna’ to please Ragnya Devi. Learn more on Wikipedia.
Get Here: Kheer Bhawani  is at a distance of  101 kilometers from Srinagar Town. [SeeMap]

Click Here to view the shortest route to these three temples.

Get To Srinagar 
Nearest major town is Srinagar, The Nearest Airport and the Nearest Railway Station is at Srinagar, which the airport has daily flights to Delhi and Jammu. The road from Srinagar is well connected to major parts of the states and Country.
To Stay Here there are a number of accommodation facilities in Srinagar with various price ranges.

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