Bahu Fort – Jammu

Bahu Fort [See Map]

A mere 5 kms from the town of Jammu, stands a majestic as well as an ancient fort, the Bahu Fort. It well might be the oldest fort or a part of the city which is believed to be built 3,000 years ago, in the 19th century. It stands majestically on the banks of river Tawi. Raja Bahulochan is the person who is behind the brilliant idea of the fort but recent improvements has been made to the fort.

Major Attractions 

The major attractions here include a well terraced garden which is popularly known as the Bagh-e-Bahu that is maintained around the fort which is quiet beautiful and mind blowing. You might need a ticket to enter the place, which you’ll get from the fort itself. it dose not cost much, the ticket price is most probably 5 INR. Lot of tourists visit here daily. The climatic conditions here are perfect.

Also there is a temple inside the fort which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali thus making the place religiously significant. Local people often call this temple as Bave Kali Mata temple.

Aquarium Bagh-e-Bahu: It is quiet a different Aquarium, it is an underground Aquarium. But what is most important is it is India’s largest underground Aquarium, which operates with the state of the art technology.  It is built to house more than a 400 varieties of fish. The majority of visitors are students, but a good number of tourists also visit this area due to its speciality. The Aquarium consists of 24 Aquarium caves, which are a mixture of small, medium and large caves. The Aquarium not only has fish shows but includes a well designed public gallery, laboratory, multimedia conference hall and a museum. The Aquarium will surely catch your eye due to its shape, the shape of a Fish.

Reach Here
Nearest Town: Jammu (5 Kms) [See Map]. The Town of Jammu is just 5 kms from the fort and can be easily accessed by road. Road Distance to Jammu From Major Towns in India are:
Srinagar : 297 Kms [See map]
Delhi: 610 Kms
Jaipur: 810 Kms
Mumbai: 1980 Kms
Jammu has a good road network with the neighboring towns and states thus providing it easy to get here. The national Highway that passes through Jammu is NH 1A.
Nearest Railway Station: Jammu Railway Station, which is just a 4 km journey from the Fort. 
Nearest Airport: The jammu Airport is just a 9 Km Journey from the Fort. 

Stay Here
As the fort is near to the town you can easily avail accommodation according to your standards. In the town of Jammu There is a huge list of hotels and homestays, You can easily pick the package you like. To know more about hotels in Jammu Visit the following sites:

For more info, Visit Jktourism website.

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