Malda Guide 2020 : Tourism in West Bengal

At the meeting point of Kalindi and Mahanadi, Malda is located. It reminds people of their roots or origin. Malda is famous for mango orchards along with rich culture and heritage. Mango, silk, jute are popular products of Malda and participate in histories written in every part of the town. The mixed culture of the Palas, the Senas and the Nawabs dynasty brings a lot of traditions together and intensifies them in the small yet beautiful town. 

How to reach Malda?

Malda has a great way of connecting to other places of the country. 

By flight : Malda does not have its own airport, and the previous airport was closed in 1972 due to some problems with Bangladesh. The Netaji Subhash chandra bose airport is the nearest airport. A drive of 4 to 5 hours in a cab will make it to Malda. 

By road : Malda is easily accessible via roads. Malda is just 350 km away from Kolkata, and is located on NH34. Bus is sufficient if you want to avoid cabs with high prices to reach Malda. Also there is availability of buses daily from North Bengal State Transport. 

By rail : Trains are the most convenient way to reach Malda. Malda town is the main railway station. It is well connected to various cities like Kolkata along with Mumbai and Delhi. 

Best time to visit Malda

People prefer different weathers to travel but the suitability of place to the season must be checked. Towns like Malda need to be considered checking those to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place. 

Summers : Malda is very hot during summers (March – August) and makes it very uncomfortable for the tourists to visit and bear the heat. Mangoes are a major attraction of Malda. Temperatures range from 25°C to 35°C making the summers not appropriate for visiting Malda. 

Monsoon : July to October are rainy seasons in Malda with July being the rainiest month. There is slight rainfall during October to mid-November. 

Winter : Malda enjoys winter from December to February with low temperatures like 10 to 20°C. During the winters, visitors get to enjoy foggy mornings and nights. Post monsoon showers are indicators of arrival of winter. 

Malda suffers from very hot climates to overflowing monsoon. So the early winter and spring are the best time to visit the town. 

Places to visit near Malda

The town, in spite of being small, has many spots to be amazed and enjoy the culture. They are :

Gour : The oldest colonial residence of the state. Located at the banks of river Ganga. The place has its own history as being the center of political and state affairs relating to the realm. 

Dakhil darwaza : A very important monument as it is itself the ruins of a castle of the 15th century. 

There are many more places and spots to visit. This is a place to enjoy the present nature and past cultures. 

Local food in Malda

Malda is being famous for mangoes specially in Himsagar and Gopal Bhog also known for delicious Bengali cuisines. Desserts like Kansat chamcham, Rosokadamba are popular. One more delicious item is Aamsotto mainly made from Gopal Bhog. Among mangoes, Fazil is also a good type known for big size and high quality pulp.

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