Escape to Luxurious Midnapore: West Bengal Tourism Guide 2020

Midnapore located in the interiors of West Bengal is known to be a combination of multi religion culture along with ancient history. Midnapore or also known as Medinipur is one treasure on its own. This town is not a luxurious place to get into but something which pleases you from deep within. It gives a craving for adventure and exploration. This town is also known for being the base of several colleges like Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital, the Midnapore Law College etc. 

What is Midnapore famous for?

The town has a great contribution on Indian freedom movement in history. This town had given an endless list of martyrs. Also the town became a center of revolutionary activities during British rule. At present, the town is famous for various colleges based on science, medical, law and many more. This is like a town which is a hub of many colleges. This town is also a place to ignite the traveller and explorer within you. So pack your bags and visit here to enjoy the beauty of town. 

Best time to visit Midnapore

Midnapore is a great place to visit but the seasons are not suitable to all. During Summer, the temperature and heat is very high making it uncomfortable for the visitors, making it difficult for visitors to visit and hence is a holiday dampener. The monsoon brings rain but does not lower the temperature, rather just adds humidity to the weather and makes it more uncomfortable. The winter season reduces the temperature to a tolerable level which makes it a peak season to attract more visitors there. In short, the winter offer the perfect season for explorations. 

How to reach Midnapore

There is no direct airport in Midnapore, so first you have to travel to Netaji Subhash chandra bose airport, which is the nearest airport. From the airport, a ride of nearly two and half hours will let you reach there. Other options like travelling by train is one of the feasible ways to reach there. The Midnapore railway station is the most prominent one. Trains from other cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc are also available and quite cheap. Midnapore is nearly 130 km away from Kolkata via roads. If you are coming from nearby cities then NH-60 is the route to be taken to reach there. Travelling by roads is the most convenient way. 

Places to visit in and near Midnapore

There are many places to visit in Midnapore. Some of them are :

Chandrakona : It is a different town from Midnapore. But it is rich with magnificent sites like Fort of Ramgarh and Fort of Lalgarh, built by the Chauhan kings. 

Jhargram palace : This is a place near to Midnapore and is famous for this palace. This palace is now converted to hotels and rooms for those who want to stay. 

Dantan : This is located in the main town. It also has the temple of Samoleswar Mahadev and the lake of Bidyadhar Pushkarini just a few metres apart. 

There are many such amazing places to visit and enjoy your tour with your family.

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