Rajahatkhawa Guide 2020: Tourism in West Bengal

Rajabhatkhawa is often ignored and mostly known for being adjacent to Buxa tiger reserve. But in addition to that, it has nature centres as well as ancient yet beautiful temples and many more exciting things around the place. This small semi rural town is left undisturbed by tourists, but taking a day or two and visiting here will not be a bad plan. 

How to visit

Reaching Rajabhatkhawa is not a difficult thing to do. The nearest airport is the Bagdogra airport which is nearly 120 km away. Along with this, Coochbehar Airport is also one of the nearest airports within nearly 40 km. Both of the  airports have good connectivity with other main cities. Once you reach the airport, cabs or taxis are easily available to help you to reach there.

New Jalpaiguri and AlipurDuar are the nearest railway stations. Cabs and taxis are readily available at the station which will help you reach there which will take an additional hour.

Travelling by roads is one of the best ideas to reach there. Being adjacent to Buxa tiger reserve, the place is well connected to roads of different places. Regular buses pass through there, even overnight buses are also available for travelling from far off places like Kolkata. 

Best time to reach

From April to June, the temperature ranges from 26 to 30°C, making it very hot and humid. We would not recommend you summers as a good time. But if you want to visit Buxa tiger reserve, summers is recommeded.

Rajabhatkhawa gets heavy rainfall during monsoon and since they are located at foothills of Himalaya so landslides are a common problem. Buxa tiger reserve is closed during this time for tourists.

Winters are the best to visit here. The weather and temperature is perfect for comforting and relaxing for visitors. The monsoon before winter turns the surrounding into a lush greenery once again and hence makes the town more beautiful.

Places to visit

There are many places to visit nearby and feel and experience the beauty and charm of the place. Some of them are :

Buxa tiger reserve : The Buxa tiger reserve is 760 sq km in Buxa national park in West Bengal, India, in the Buxa hills of the southern hilly area of Bhutan. Along with tigers, other animals like Indian bison, pigs, elephants can also be seen here. 

Mahakal caves : These caves are nearly 100 years of old and hold a lot of mystery within them. They are one of the eluring and exciting sites in Jayanti for visitors. 

There are many such places to visit and enjoy the town. So pack your bags and visit here and experience nature.

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