Purulia Guide 2020 -The land of the Purest, West Bengal Tourism

Purulia is the western most district of West Bengal is known to be blessed with mesmerizing beauty. It is on the way to becoming a popular tourist spot because of the magical air and majestic landscape of hills, mountains, lush greenery, rivers, etc. It is like a place to take a break from your monotonous daily routine. 

How to reach

Purulia is well connected to roads, trains, and flights too. Trains are the most convenient way to reach there. 

By flight: The nearest airport is the Birsa Munda Airport which is just nearly 100 km away from Purulia. Taking a cab or taxi will help you reach there in a few hours. 

By road: Purulia is well connected to different nearby cities in West Bengal. Regular government and private buses move in and out of the city to keep it well contacted. Taxis and cabs also provide a good connection between the city and other nearby cities. 

By rail: Purulia railway station is the nearest railway station of 1.5 km away, and also the best in the region. The station is a long stop route for most trains on long distance travel. It has trains from major cities and connecting trains from Kolkata and Howrah. It is the best convenient and easy way to reach Purulia. 

Best time to visit

Summer: Purulia witnesses a hit summer time with a temperature between 23°C to 41°C. The evenings and nights are comfortable and pleasant. The off season provides a great discount price and also the famous spots are not so crowded during this season. There are many events during summer, Shiber gajan being the most popular. 

A glimpse of Shiber Gajan festival in West Bengal

Monsoon: After a hot season, comes heavy rainfall which reduces the temperature to 20° to 30°C. The weather is humid and cold but comfortable at night. The weather makes it very difficult for sightseeing. Many traditional festivals happen during this time with many folk activities. This season is ideal to enjoy the tradition as there is very little scope to enjoy the sights. 

Winter: With a temperature range of 3°C to 20°C, the weather is pleasant, cool during the day, and very very cold at night. Woolen clothes are needed to be comfortable. This season is the peak of visiting tourists, so the hotel prices rise high up but still less compared to other cities. Hiking in the Ayodhya hills during cool weather is an ideal activity to take part in. 

Foods to try in Purulia

Purulia has well-known dishes of pithas. Some of the namely Purulia pithas are Aske pitha which is sweet in taste and is made by a steamed process. Others are Shim pitha and Gur pitha. Shim pitha is savory in taste and is cooked by shallow fried. Gur pitha is also sweet in taste and is made deep fried. There are many more foods that can be tried and tasted other than pithas.

Best Tourist Spots

Murardri Lake


Murardi Lake


Gajauru Hills


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