Raichak: Tourism, attraction, West Bengal 2020 Guide

Raichak is one ultra-urban riverside town which is nearly 50 km away from Kolkata. The Hooghly River and some forts add up the charm of the place and bring it in the list of must-visit places. 

How to reach Raichak

By air: There is no direct incoming flight to Raichak, but the Netaji Subhash Chandra bose airport is the nearest airport which can be accessible to reach Raichak. From there, a cab or taxi can help to reach Raichak within just an hour. 

By rail: Howrah is the closest train station to depart for Raichak. Only after a journey of nearly 55 to 60 km, you have to hire a cab to reach the city of Raichak. On the other hand, it is not hard to get a cab in hand to help you to reach. 

By road: Cabs, buses or private vehicles are always helpful to reach Raichak in one go as it is in the proximity of Kolkata. Even there is the availability of daily buses to reach Raichak. From far off places like Shantiniketan, Murshidabad, Durgapur buses are available to help you to reach there. 

When can you visit Raichak?

If you are a summer-loving person, the time March to June is the appropriate one, but at the same time, it is not preferred to visit that time as the temperatures there can reach up to nearly 40°C and is known to be extraordinarily hot and humid. 

If you are a monsoon or rainy person, July to August is the appropriate time to get there. The place gets a sufficient amount of rain and hence makes the temperature neither too hot nor too cold. If the rain does not bother you, then you can easily enjoy Raichak in the monsoon. 

If you love wintry winds, plan to start your visit from October to make it an ideal time and experience. The temperatures even drop down to 10°C in November – December. 

Food to taste in Raichak

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