Shankarpur Tourism Guide(2020)

The enjoyment of thrilling natural beaches and winds are what makes Shankarpur a nice place to visit. The natural beauty also gives off an old charm to enjoy the nostalgia. Located in the East Midnapur district of West Bengal, the natural beach town is very attractive and gives a tough competition to other beaches because of pristine surroundings. It is also comparable to sea because of its calm and boundless nature. 

How to reach Shankarpur?

One can reach Shankarpur through roads, rail or flight. But roadways are the best ways to follow to reach Shankarpur. 

By flight : Kolkata international Airport is the nearest airport within 185 km from Shankarpur. From the airport, taxis and buses are readily available to reach. 

By road : Buses comply regularly from Kolkata to Shankarpur covering nearly 185 km. One can think of going to Digha by bus and then the rest by Cab. Also there is availability to reach Shankarpur from Kolkata by a taxi. Even hotels provide vehicles to explore the city. 

By rail : The nearest train station is Digha. One can reach Digha from various parts of the country and taking a cab to reach Shankarpur is just 15 km. 

What is famous in Shankarpur?

Shankarpur is famous for quite a few things or places. Some of them are :

Shankarpur beach : The clear water, white sand and cool wind are enough to make you calm and enjoy the beach fully. There are not many distractions which will help you to enjoy fully and freely on the beach. 

Mandarmani : The seaside village connected to Howrah by a highway. It is in the East Midnapur district and at the northern end of Bay of Bengal. 

Tamluk : This is a devotional place to visit because there is a 1150 years old temple of Kali. This temple is one of the part of the 51 shakti peethas. 

Tajpur : Newly added to visitors list and is famous for pristine beaches with tamarisk trees in the background. Red crabs can be found on a large scale and are great for a view. 

There are more places to explore and enjoy the small town. 

Best time to visit Shankarpur

During Summer : This time of the year is very hot and humid at the beach and can be enjoyed to the fullest. There are chances of dehydration and sunburn. 

During Monsoon : Shankarpur receives very heavy rainfall during monsoon months of July to August. Sitting back in a room and not being able to enjoy it is not a good thing and hence it is not advisable to visit here during monsoon. 

During Winter : September to February is the best time to visit Shankarpur. Low humidity and nice atmosphere is good to enjoy for visitors. Blooming of flowers and various water sports bring excitement to visitors. 

Food to taste in Shankarpur

Sea foods are mainly what is found here. Also this place is famous for alcoholic drinks made with coconut water like coconut and vodka.

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