Shantinketan Tour (2020) – West Bengal Tourist Guide

Do you want to enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of life? Then, Shantiniketan is a place for you! The name of the town itself means abode of peace. This town revolves around the life of the Nobel prize-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore. If you want to explore more about the all-time famous poet, then pack your bags for a trip to Shantiniketan.

How to reach Santiniketan?

Shantiniketan is a remotely located tourist destination about 200 kilometres from the heart of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport from where you can hire a cab or taxi to reach Shantiniketan. 

The nearest railway station is Bolpur Shantiniketan. Trains travel between Shantiniketan and Howrah almost regularly. 

The city of Peace is also well connected by roads. You can travel by road from Kolkata or any other neighbouring cities.

Best time to visit Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan glitters best in the season of monsoon and winter. These are the months that the climate remains comfortable for a holiday. You can expect occasional light showers from June to August. 

Try not to visit Shantiniketan during the summer months. Summer in West Bengal is too hot and is not at all ideal for a trip. Take your time out and plan for a weekend trip to Sh

Who should visit Shantiniketan?

Shantiniketan is the home for people who admire the works of Rabindranath Tagore from the core of their heart. Nature lovers, people who are passionate about history and literature find this place to be ideal. Even professional models and people engaged in photoshoot have shown interest in visiting Shantiniketan owing to the beauty of the town.

Food to taste in Shantiniketan

You can try your hands at the local food of Shantiniketan. A simple, regular dish like rice, daal, sabzi and fish will certainly impress all your taste buds. Food here is cheaper without the compromise in taste.

Where to stay at Shantiniketan?

Many hotels and guest houses are coming up in Shantiniketan. You can book rooms in any of these hotels. The rent of room per day depends on the position of the hotel in the town. 

You can book any hotel proximal to the heart of the town. But, if you are a nature lover, then focus on staying near Sonajhuri or Prantik. These places are in the lap of nature, and you get a natural bliss.

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