Tarapith in West Bengal – Tourism in India 2020

The famous Hindu pilgrimage of West Bengal is the city of Tarapith. Also known as the city of Tantra Mantra is one of the shakti peeth where the third eye of Sati fell and another form of Sati is worshipped here known as Tara. This devotional place is near to the Dwarka river in Birbhum district. Black magic is hidden in the place. There is a huge cremation beside the shakti peeth from where chanting can be heard nearly every hour. 

How to reach

Tarapith is a bit difficult to reach as roads are the only way to reach there. But still people can reach there with some adjustments. 

By flight : Kolkata airport is the nearest airport to Tarapith which is nearly 200 km away. From the airport, taxis are easily available to reach Tarapith via roads. 

By rail : The nearest train station is the Rampurhat station within 6 km to the city. Taxis can be used to reach Tarapith which are readily available in the rail station. Rampurhat is well connected to Howrah and Sealdah in spite of being a local rail station. 

By road : Tarapith is well connected to other nearby cities via roads. Private and public buses are available to help you reach there. Also taxis and cabs can also be used to reach there. 

Using roads to reach there is the easiest and quickest way to reach Tarapith. 

When to visit

Winter is the best time to visit Tarapith. With temperature on average of 10°C brings pleasant weather. Many tourists prefer visiting during November – December to experience the mist layered weather. One can also witness the celebration during the great Durga puja. 

Foods to try

Since, the place revolves around religious sentiments, mostly vegetarian dishes are available. But nowadays, there are many hotels and restaurants coming up that offer Indian, Chinese and Asian cuisines which are extremely delicious.

India in 360 recommendation:  

Pujarini sweets & Restaurant

Atithi Family Restaurant

The Bite

Places to visit in Tarapith

There are many beautiful and exciting places to visit in Tarapith. India in 360 recommends you these top places:


Located just beside the temple of Tara. Also believed that she has a great affinity towards bones and skeletons. 

Bamakhepa Temple

This pink coloured temple is in memorial of Sri Sri Saint Bamakhepa who was known for divine craziness, also known by the name of Mad Saint.

Tarapith Temple

The main temple in the town. This temple has giant doors made up of engraved metals.

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