Chadar Trek – Jammu & Kashmir

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is one of the most adventurous trekking in India. this done through the Zanskar Gorge(Zanskar  River). This is done in Ladakh region in Jammu & Kashmir. The walls of the

Zanskar Gorge stands nearly vertical at heights of over 600 meters. we can see at some places the width of the river is only 5 meters.
Chadar Trek is done on the Zanskar  River, not the ordinary Zanskar  River, the trek is conducted whtn the Zanskar  River is frozen. i.e, the trek is done on the frozen Zanskar  River. The trekking route is used by the locals as well as the tourists in the winter time as this is one of the easiest available routes to Zanskar Valley. The trek attracts a lot of the tourists to the area as it is one of the exciting treks and lets you see the natural beauty of India through many angles. People who like adventure dashes to the area. The total trekking length can be upto a 100 kilometers with varying days.

Chadar in the local language means blanket, and Chadar trek means blanket treks, It gets some sense when we understand that trekking is done through the ice sheets of frozen Zanskar  River, which acts as a blanket for the river.
During the summer period trekking can’t be done as all the ice melts. But do not loose hopes because in the summer season the river changes drastically and becomes an amazing spot for adventure rafting. Lot of people come here for rafting in the summer. So the river has two sides like that of a coin in summer it gives way for rafting while in winter it promotes Trekking.
The best season for trekking is in the months of January and February, when the river freezes and seems like a crustal lake. There are various teams and groups that are ready to take you to a trek. There are various types  of treks which varies in length, time e.t.c.

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