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Dal Lake [See Map]

The second largest lake in Jammu & Kashmir. the Dal Lake is one of the magnificent lake in Srinagar, which supports Tourism, agriculture and fishing. It is named as the ‘Srinagar’s Jewel’ as it

supports tourism very much. Dal lake is almost 10 kilometers from the Srinagar town.

With a maximum depth of 6 meters, it has a Maximum length of 7 kilometers and Maximum width of 3.5 kilometers. The Dal lake has a catchment area of 316 square Kilometers. Dal lake is Warm monomictic type of lake, which usually does not freeze due to the density difference in the layers of water. The lake accompanied by the floating gardens of the lotus Flowers covers over an area 21 square kilometers. Dal lake freezes during severe winter when the temperature lowers to -11 degree celsius. Dal lake is situated at a height of 1583 meters from sea level. The lake in its three sides is surrounded by the Zabarwan Range.

The Dal lake in its shorelines gives residence to a number of Mughal Gardens like Shalimar Bagh and the Nishat Bagh, many parks, major hotels and lots of houseboats. The houseboats attract a lot of tourists to the lake, almost all tourists coming here take a ride in the houseboats. The colorful houseboats lets you see the true beauty of the lake. Book houseboats Online. The lake shows its real beauty in the months of July and August when the lotus flowers are bloomed all over the lake making it a true floating garden.

The main source of water comes from the Jhelum River, while water goes out through two points,

Dal Gate and Nalla Amir. Dal lake as well as the gardens around the lake are undergoing a restoration program due to serious problems faced by the lake. This is done to bring back the lake to its previous glory in every terms. This modernization program is undertaken by the Government of India.

Fishing is one o the major industry near Dal lake, the Dal lake provides tonnes of fishes. Carp fishes are most abundant here while there are other fishes like Schizothonax and other fishes species. Nagin Lake which is a part of the Dal lake is sometimes referred to a separate lake. There are two islands inside the lake named as Sona Lank and Rupa Lank.
An other attraction here is the Floating market. The Dal lake has a special market known as the floating market, it is where Srinagar’s major market is.And mainly sells vegetables.

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Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport(30 kilometers) from Dal lake. [See Map]The airport has daily flights to Delhi, Jammu and major cities. Visit Website.
Nearest Railwaystation : Srinagar Railway Station (20 kilometers) from Dal lake. [See Map]
Nearest Town: Srinagar which is nearly 10 kilometers away. It has perfect transportation facilities. It is also connected to many towns via roadways.

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As the town is near there are lots of accommodation facilities available. But as you have reached Dal Book houseboats Online.
lake its better to stay one day in a Houseboat. It will create right atmosphere for you and is a great experience.
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