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Twenty seven kilometers from Srinagar and 40 kilometers from Dal lake lays another fresh water lake with an area of 33 square kilometers. Manasbal Lake is situated in Ganderbal District which is at Jammu and Kashmir. The name of the lake is derived from the name Manasarovar. The lake is Dal lake the Manasbal Lake also has a lot of lotus flowers (Scientific Name: Nelumbo nucifera) blooming in the months of July and August. The perfect blend of clear water and perfected lotus flowers makes a mind blowing feel. In the lake shore there is a Mughal garden made by the mughal ruler Nur Jahan named Garoka. It is not only the Mughal garden, There is also the remains of the Mughal fort that is made in the 17th century. The area is ancient as well as pristine. Locals have also included the rootstocks of the lotus plants from the lake on their menu as these are collected and used as food. This is a perfect natural Bird watching spot as many aquatic birds live and travel through here due to the presence of the huge fresh water spring. The maximum length of the lake is 5 kilometer while the width is nearly 1 kilometer. Also, the lake lies at an altitude of 1,583 meters. It is a warm monomictic kind of lake. The catchment area of the lake is covered with many orchards like the Apple orchard, mulberry orchards, Chinar trees and many more trees.
surrounded by three major village settlements namely, Jarokbal, Kondabal (also known as Kiln place) and Ganderbal. Ganderbal is known as the deepest point of the lake is situated, i.e, 13 meters. Like in that of

Unlike the Dal Lake, Manasbal Lake does not have a supply channel like a river flowing to it. The water mainly comes from as the spring water and rainfall. But it does have an exit flow, the water is channeled to Jhelum River artificially. Local people depend the lake for fresh water, fishing, harvesting of rootstocks of the lotus plants e.t.c. Now a days tourists from different parts of the world rushes to the lake to see its beauty. The shikaras, the bird songs, the fresh water and the lotus flowers takes you to an other world. The place is very charming and you cant leave without a few camera clicks.

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Nearest Town: The major nearest town to the lake is the town of Srinagar, 30 kilometers away. [SeeMap]. It is also near to the largest fresh water lake in the state, Wular lake, 40 kilometers.[SeeMap].
The Nearest Airport and the Nearest Railway Station is at Srinagar, which the airport ha daily flights to Delhi and Jammu. The road from Srinagar is well connected to major parts of the states and Country.
To Stay Here there are a number of accommodation facilities in Srinagar with various price ranges.

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