Forts In Goa

Forts In Goa

The Forts in Goa are prime attractions where the history is Goa is imprinted. One can learn and enjoy the beauty of Goa through forts.These places are the major points of fascination.

Major Forts in Goa:

 Alorna fort: This fort is 30 km from Mapusa . This fort was built by Bhonsles in 17th Century. It is situated on the banks of Chapora river and is a great place to explore the historic facts of Goa. The fort was built with high defence mechanisms. he fort contained 4 gun barracks. Fort is now in ruined condition but the scenic beauty of the fort and th fields and mountains seen from the fort is such a beautiful view. Fort is located 31 kms from the capital city of Goa, Panaji.

Fort Aguada: Fort Aguada is situated on Aguada beach which is 18 kms from Panaji. This is the largest and the well known Portuguese Fort in Goa. This Fort was built to protect Goa from enemy attacks. This fort recieved its name from word Agua which means water and Aguada means a place with water accumilation. There are a number of springs providing fresh water around this fort.There is also a light house near this fort which makes it more beautiful. Some of the buildings in this fort was well maintained and had used as Prisons,although it was the largest prison in Goa.

Cabo De Rama Fort: This fort is also one of the largest forts in Goa and one of the oldests too. This beach is located 15 kms away from Agonda Beach.  The Fort was used as a prison but then was abandoned. Cabo de Rama Fort is a very attractive touristic destination. This fort has close relation with Ramayana as it is said that this fort wash used by Sita, to take refuge during his exile from Ayodhya . This fort is situated 6km from Panaji.

Chapora Fort: Chapora Fort is one of the prime attractions of Goa. Tourists visit this fort due to the beautiful scenic attraction. Portuguese ruled this fort for more than 150 years. There are two tunnels built by the Portuguese to escape in emergency,this lies a place of fascination. Views of Anjune , Chapora and Vagator beach gives a beautiful view that one cannot get from any other place.

Corjuem fort : This is a small island fort in North Goa. The Corjuem fort was believed to be build by Portuguese. This fort is surrounded by beautiful villages and greenery. This fort is just 6 km from Aldona , which is connected to the fort by a cable suspension bridge which is a major source of attraction. Gun ports and murder holes also provide fascination for tourists.

Terekhol fort: This fort was also build as defence against Marathas. There is also a church close to this fort,which is only open on feast days. Tourists approach this place to enjoy its panoramic view of Terekhol river. The Architectural style of this fort is very attractive. A major part of the fort is now a heritage hotel.

Fort Anjediva: It is also one of the important forts in Goa. This fort is also built by the Portuguese and is situated in Anjadip Island. Anjediva fort is known for its architectural importance, stone works and the large pillars which gives the fort a prestigious beauty. This fort cannot be accessed by common people,currently this place is a marine base and is not significantly promoted as tourist place.

Fort Reis Magos: The historical aspects of Goa is very much emphasised in two famous structure,  which is Reis Magos Fort and Reis Magos Church. This fort is located on the north bank of Mandovi River. At the base of the fort,there lies the church. The construction of fort and church is soaked with Portuguese touch.


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