Goa State Museum

Goa State Museum [See Map] The Goa State Museum which is also known as the State archaeology Museum is one of the largestmuseum in Panaji, Goa. The museum was established back in 1977 and was moved to a new building in 1996. Currently, it is […]

Forts In Goa

Forts In Goa The Forts in Goa are prime attractions where the history is Goa is imprinted. One can learn and enjoy the beauty of Goa through forts.These places are the major points of fascination. Major Forts in Goa:  Alorna fort: This fort is 30 […]


Beaches In Goa – Part 2

Beaches In Goa (Go To Previous Part) The list of beaches have not ended, here is more beaches in Goa: Morjim: Morjim beach is home for variety of birds and turtles.This place in also known as little Russia because of the Russian immigrants living here.Olive Ridley […]

Beaches in Goa – Part 1

Beaches in Goa Goa is one of the states in India.It can be simply referred to as coolest place in India.The state of goa is only 3,702sq.km.This international tourist destination is also calles the fun capital if India.Goa is a land of natural wonders,music and […]