Best Places To Visit in Ambala

Ambala is an urban and municipal corporation situated on the border with the Punjab state of Indian and near the capital city Chandigarh of the states of Ambala district, Haryana, India. Politically, Ambala has two subareas; Ambala Cantonment (Ambala Cantt) and Ambala District (Ambala Cantt, Ambala City), 8 kilometers from each other; hence, Ambala Canton is also called Twin City. Ambala is situated on the north and south shores of two rivers, Ghaggar and Tangri, and divides the Gange river network of the Indus River network. The district of Ambala has an important position in local tourism.

Best time to visit Ambala

The best months to visit Ambala are in October and November. The city offers few religious sites of importance, which include Sikh and Hindu religious sites. 

How to reach Ambala

By Air

Chandigarh International Airport is 46 Km away from Ambala City and is the closest airport.

By Rail

Ambala junction has a good rail network link. The trains that stop at this junction are Shatabdi Express, Gorakhdham Express, Kalindi Express, and Shatabadi Express.

By Road

Ambala is situated on National Highway No. 1 and provides excellent buses to all the surrounding cities and municipalities.

Famous places to visit in Ambala


Patiala has also experienced several turning points in history, which is perfect for shopping for ethnic arts and crafts. Patiala is a toast to the life, history, and colors of Punjab, situated around Qila Mubarak, a castle built in 1763 by the militiamen. It is also known for the delightful food it has to offer, along with numerous forts and frescos for study.

Bhawani Amba Temple

Amba Bhawani temple is the best place for you to spend time with your dear and near ones. You can use this place to appeal to all your senses and provide you with recreation, drink in the spirit of adventure you can explore in the Amba Bhawani temple. You can enjoy all the famous things and bring back memorable memories. Ambala is not just a sightseeing venue; the Bhawani Amba temple helps you to snatch for yourself for a moment of self-indulgence.

You can visit this place for a rejuvenating time on weekends as it is a highly desirable place of tourist interest that is of world standards, extraordinary architecture, imaginative arrangements, and thoughtful execution. This temple is a healthy place to refresh and relax.

Sukhna Lake

Chandigarh Lake or Sukhna Lake is created by men, damming the seasonal river from Shivalik Hill, Sukhna Choe. Sukhna Lake is manmade. No motorboats in the lake and no motor vehicles on the promenade are allowed to bear the legacy of the king. Le Corbusier had forecast people to be attracted to Sukhna Lake to look after his body and mind. True in its words, people of all ages will stroll, jog, run on a promenade and outline the circumference of the lake right before the sun rises over the lake and after it sets.

On the promenade, you can conveniently map the distances covered by you, distances from 500 meters, 1 km, and so on. Although fishing is allowed on the lake it is limited. Having discovered the delights of Sukhna Lake by migratory birds such as Crane, Stork, and Sibirian Duck, this national wetland has been declared as protected.

Rock Garden

The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is an imaginative and splendor place with a fantasyland built from toxic waste, rocks, and concrete. A beautiful garden is a place of superlatives. A living monument to Picasso’s adage “Everything you can imagine is real”. The originator and artist Nek Chand own a secret garden that was planned and constructed on a conserved field, and in his free time, he worked on it.

Today, thousands of sculptures in the form of humans, birds, singes, soldiers are made entirely of waste, collected by Nek Chand over the years. When you reach the Rock Garden the path passes through a variety of labyrinthine arches, tunnels, and bridges, with open galleries of sculptures, each one is even more spectacular than before is made up of broken glass straps, ceramic pottery, wire, etc. Somewhere in the center of the place the walled areas close in and open to a field of the waterfall, where the water stream leads from time to time.

Mughal Gardens Pinjore

Any nature lover is pleased with the beautiful gardens of Pinjore, which is about 10 km from Parwanoo. The garden was designed according to the pattern used in Kashmir by the classic Charbagh garden. Nawab Fidai Khan, who built a garden, was unable to remain there long and hence the reign fell to Raja of Sirmaur. This is a very famous garden.

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