Jaldapara- Bengal Tourism Guide 2020

The Jaldapara National Park along with the Gorumara national park is famous for the one horned rhinoceros. The park is located in the Eastern foothills of Himalaya. Along with rhinoceros, the park is known to be habitat for elephants, various kinds of deers, bison, wild pigs etc. Along with animals, birds like eagles also decorate the skies like fishing eagles, crested eagles etc. 

Best time to visit

September to May or basically the winter seasons are the best advised month to visit the parks. The summer and the winter are little more enjoyable than the monsoons, as during monsoon the parks remain closed. 

How to reach Jaldapara National Park

The national park can be reached by air, roal and rail. Although the nearest railway station is at Madarihat which is nearly 7 km, there are not many trains that stop there. So, train to Birpara or Hashirama is advised and then cabs are available to reach there. The nearest airport is Bagdogra airport from which cabs can be used to reach the park. Buses and cabs can also be taken from Kolkata to reach there by road. 

Things to do in Jaldapara National Park

There are many things to do in here. Firstly to get a sight of the famous one horned rhinoceros for which the park is famous for. Nature can also be searched and explored. Also there is a bird sanctuary which contains different birds and enhances the beauty of the sky. Besides that, there is Chilapata forest where nature blooms with little to no disturbance. The park has long elephant grass which seems very beautiful and brings a feeling of serenity. There is a tiger rehabilitation center known as South Khairbari. Here leopards and sometimes elephants are also seen to roam about. 

Who should visit?

One who is ready to obtain peace and harmony and also wants to spend time with nature is welcome here. One should visit here to enjoy some time relaxing. There is no such age limit, but coming here will not be a wastage. Visiting here with family is a good plan to execute.

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