Kottappara Hills (Kottappara Mala)

Kottappara Hills also known as Kottappara Mala is a viewpoint located at the Idukki District in the state of Kerala, which is known as the gods own country.

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To reach Kottappara hills you need to travel around 22 kilometres from the nearest town Thodupuzha
or around 2 kilometres from Vannapuram which is a smaller town near the destination. The only way you can reach the destination is via a road which is not that great in condition. You can see beautiful sceneries on both sides of the road once you start the climb uphill.

 How to reach Kottappara?
If you are coming from far, set your maps towards either Thodupuzha or Vannapuram according to your convenience. From there, it is better to ask any of the local people who will not hesitate to guide you. This is necessary because there are several smaller roads and you might get confused about which one to take. If you are taking the correct route, you will be experiencing high-angle uphills which might take a toll on sub 100cc vehicles. Once you start the ascent, you can see several beautiful locations and sites from where you can click many pictures.

Once you near the destination the road becomes flat for a few meters and you will find so many bikes parked in front of a statue of St.Mary. That is where you park your bikes and head out for a 100-meter walk. The end of the walk will bring you to an opening which showcases the view of the whole lower ranges and the small towns below. That is a pleasant view to look at.

So, that is your location, Kottappara Hills. Be careful on the edges and the rocks might be a little slippery. It would be great if you go there on the mornings, around 7 AM as the whole valley would be covered with mist, a rare scene in these regions and do not forget your cameras.

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Timelapse from Kottappara Hills.

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