Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill

Location : Leh (28 kms from leh town)

The Magnet Hill also has the name Gravity Hill.  Its located in ladakh , Jammu & Kashmir. The magnetic hill or the gravity hill is located on Leh-Kargil-Srinagar national highway. It is about a 30 kms travel from Leh. It is at a height of 11,000 ft from sea level. On the south of the magnetic hill flows the river Indus.

The speciality of The Magnetic hill is that you can see for yourself your vehicle might be moving up at a speed of 20 km/ hour without the engines on.

Bill-Board On Road

The local administration of the area has put up a bill board on the roadside to help the tourists easily recognize the Magnetic Hill. The board tells the whole phenomenon. So the tourists can  enjoy a first hand experience as they have reached the hill. Place the vehicle on the specific spot on the road which the bill-board tells and without its engines on you will notice the vehicle moving. upto a speed of 20 kms an hour.

The magnetic hill also has impact on Helicopters and Aircrafts. So aircrats are flown above at a particular height in this region.

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By Road
28 kms from Leh [See Map]

Nearest Airport 24 kms From Leh Airport [See Map]

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