Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra

Architectural marvel inside the caves.

Ajanta caves are located in Aurangabad in Maharashtra which is a state in central India. These caves are the rock-cut Buddhist monuments which include the paintings, representing the rebirth and previous life of buddha. The caves consist of sculpture, wall murals and paintings. Here tourists can see the amazing architecture of Ajanta caves by looking at the assembly hall, stupas, roofs, pillars. In Ajanta, there are approximately 30 caves, out of these caves, Chaityas and Viharas are the major ones.

 When you go to Ajanta Caves, you can see the fantastic architecture all along and can see the large varieties of paintings on the walls. These paintings are dedicated to the life of Buddha and Jhatkas. In the cave 1, you can see the Varjrapani and Padmapani, which are the most famous paintings of cave 1.

Here, the caves are present in the form of Viharas and have dormitories attached. The Worship hall in the Ajanta caves is known as Chaitya Gris.  A stupa and an aspe are present in the worship hall.

Monsoon time and wintertime are the best seasons to visit Ajanta Caves as the climate is warm and pleasant. During the months of April and March, the temperature is very high making it very difficult to travel.

Timings and Fees of Ajanta caves

The visiting hours for the Ajanta caves are between 9:00 AM and 05:00 PM. It is good to note that, tourists are not allowed to visit on Mondays. The Ticket price for Ajanta caves is 40 INR for Indians and tourists from SAARC and BIMSTEC countries will also get the tickets at the same price. On the other hand, the ticket price for a foreigner to visit the Ajanta caves is 600 INR. However, for all children below age 15, the entry ticket is free.

How to Reach Ajanta caves

If you are going to visit Ajanta Caves, you can go by road as this is 100 kilometres from Ajanta and 30 KM from Ellora. The highway which connects Mumbai and Aurangabad is the easy way to reach here. Similarly, you can also go by train to Aurangabad, as Aurangabad is connected with Mumbai and Pune by rail.

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