Mandawa Guide

Mandawa is known to be a picturesque town in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan for its very popular Mandawa fort. Popularly known as the Museum of Open Architecture, the town is full of paved archways and splendid fortifications. Located in the heart of the region of Shekhawati it is full of palaces and magnificent mansions. The aura and atmosphere of the site represent the social and cultural climate in the past. It is also a hot spot for movies and is crowded with media throughout the year due to its royal success. Mandawa is a good gateway for art and culture-lovers on a simple road trip from Delhi, a beautiful town in the heart of Shekhawati, also called the Open Art Gallery. Mandawa is one of the oldest and most ancient cities of the country and is certainly worth a vacation in the whole Shekhawati district. 

How to reach Mandawa

By Air: Jaipur airport is just 168 km away from Mandawa. You need to book flights to Jaipur if you intend to fly to Mandawa by air. It is one of the most important national airports. Jaipur can be reached from various countries such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur. You can also use the bus or taxi to enter Mandawa from there.

By Road: Jhunjhunu is one of Mandawa’s closest railways. If you want to know how to get there by rail, take the train from Jaipur, Delhi, or Bikaner to Jhunjhunu. From Jaipur Bikaner and Udaipur, it is possible to enter Mandawa by local transport or bus. Mandawa is linked with the rest of Rajasthan and the rest of the country by convenient networking of highways. 

Best time to visit Mandawa

Visiting the fantastic destination of Mandawa will be a fabulous experience for every traveler and the attraction in the area is fabulous. Between October and March, it is the best time to visit Mandawa. Although the chill winters in Mandawa is a nice experience to visit this place with warm days and cool nights. In that climate, all the wonderful places around the attractive region can be easily explored without problems. But Mandawa faces a very warm climate coming in summer that makes it difficult to travel about. Between April and June, the climate is not ideal for visiting the site because it is too sunny. In the rainy season, it is not easy to take part in outside activities and drive about freely in a destination full of excellent wonders.

Famous places to visit in Mandawa

1. Murmuria Haveli

It is a Haveli renowned for all its paintings by all the famous ancient leaders. In the horsemen, you can see Jawaharlal Nehru painting sitting on a horse with the tricolor. Murmurs Haveli was built in Rajasthan and due to its architecture in Rajasthan, it is a breathtaking structure. Although this was constructed in the 1930s, it remains one of Mandawa Rajasthan favorite tourist destinations.

2. The Harlalka Well

Some even today don’t usually know the history of Harlalka Well. This is a destination a few steps from the murmur which makes the place very rustic and stunning. You can go up to the well with a camel ramp and be very careful as there is no guardrail to stop you from dropping in. You’ll just need to be careful. There is still enough water in the well and it is very deep. This is one place to relax and have a little quiet.

3. The Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

In general, this and several other Haveli are believed to be owned by the Goenka family in and around Mandawa. The Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli is yes, because of the various artworks and the last but not least of the beautiful carvings created by the haveli, a popular destination for all the travelers. Lord Indra, considered the king of gods riding his elephant, is the most famous painting that you can see in this Haveli. Then you can also see Lord Shiva painting on Nandi, still considered today a favorite of all the guests of the beautiful Pavilion. Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli is the best place for you to visit if any of you want to get the real taste of the Rajasthan lifestyle. 

4. Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli

This Hai is known as Mandawa’s most palatial museum. For all its exotic pictures, this Haveli is considered an outstanding piece of art and architecture. The Haveli is also known for its vintage and beauty.

5. Bansidhar Newatia Haveli

This is an attractive place famous for its bright and attractive paintings. This hassle is one of the renowned historical attractions, which attracts thousands of visitors and history lovers. This is located in the region of Shekhawati and in the small city of Mandawa, where many have been designed and forts are successful even today. The main part of tourism in Rajasthan today is supported by these forts and Haveli.

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