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Eklingji Temple

The Eklingji Temple is one of Rajasthan’s most famous temples, located 22 km north of the city. The Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion is dedicated to the Eklingji temple and its brilliant architecture attracts many visitors every year. With its pyramidal roof style and […]


Jhalawar is situated in an old town, filled with historic fortifications and lovely palaces. It is a place that offers the chance to experience the lifestyle of Rajputana. Jhalawar was the capital of the Kingdom of Jhalawar in the early 19th century and soon became […]


Deeg is a small town in the state of Rajasthan, situated near the town of Bharatpur. The town is famous because of its elegant palaces, its exquisite fortifications, and its desi bazaars. The famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit and is also not far […]

Churu in Rajasthan

A town called Churu is famous and has brilliant haveli‚Äôs and frescoes. Churu has unique architecture on the edge of the Thar Desert amid the shifting golden dunes. Known as the “Thar Desert Gateway,” Churu lies in northern Rajasthan in the historic Shekhawati area. Due […]


Sikar is a heritage town between Agra and Bikaner in the Shekhawati district of Rajasthan. Sikar is renowned for its complex architecture and fascinating frescoes that sits in the shade of huge walls with 7 gates to the town entrance. Sikar is a perfect getaway […]