Jawai Bandh Guide

Jawai Bandh is a dam constructed across the Jawai River, near Sumerpur town in Pali district. Jawai Bandh is one of the largest reservoirs in Rajasthan. It was built by King Umaid Singh of Jodhpur in 1956-57 to pump water for irrigation. This reservoir has since then been supplying water to Jodhpur and villages in Pali and Jalore districts. The dam is spread over an area of 500 square kilometers and has a height of 61 feet. The place is a treasure trove for nature and wildlife lovers with its captivating view and it is a must-visit place. 

Best time to visit Jawai Bandh

The best time to visit Jawai Bandh is from autumn until the start of the summer. This is because animals like lions, Leopards, and other animals suffer are found more from winters and therefore come in open areas for snorkeling. But iJawai it’s not the same thing, here you can look at leopard all year round. The beast does not come out from his caves and hunts during a single season. The people in the neighborhood tell you how they find leopards here forever. However, the best time to visit Jawai Bandh is between October and April, when there is an improvement in the likelihood of seeing a leopard. 

How to reach Jawai Bandh

There is no connection between New Delhi and Jawai Bandh through the direct mode of transport. The cheapest way of getting to Jawai Bandh from New Delhi is by train to Abu Road, and then by rail to Jawai Bandh. You can also take a flight to Jodhpur Airport, then train to Jawai Bandh and take 9h8 m. The easiest way to reach Jawai Bandh from New Delhi is by airplane. You can also take trains to Jodhpur and then trains to Jawai Bandh.

Famous places to visit in Jawai Bandh

Dev Giri Temple

This structure has been carved from the stones in the middle of granite hills. It’s not a religious place only but also an exciting journey to this holy location will bring you peace. You can also find a leopard or other animal, but it will never hurt a person, as local people and visitors note it. 

Jawai Dam

The dam’s construction is a significant attraction for all tourists. That is because you can see the greatness and the elegance of the town from a perfect spot. It becomes a perfect vantage point from where you can take some exquisite pictures and keep it for very long. The visitors who have come to this place have had the best time in their lives.

Rameshwar Mahadev Temple

This is another temple just 11 kilometers away from Jawai, not intended only for religious people. It is built in the middle of the mountains and its height and its ascent thrill tourists. You will enjoy the annual exhibition in this place if you visit in November. 

Abhinav Mahaveer Dham

This shrine is situated at a distance of just 8 km and it shows you the brilliance of Jain architecture. It is a beautiful place where you can find peace and solitude, if you like, you can also linger here. It is one of the Jain temples most visited by Rajasthan people.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Another wonderful structure that draws thousands of tourists every year and cannot be tracked when you visit Jawai is just 54,2 kilometers away. There are many places to visit here and it takes only a few hours and 30minutes to reach Ranakpur. You can visit the Temple of Surya Narayan, Dam of Ranakpur, and Tirth of Shri Falna Swarna. 

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