Jirawala Parshwanath Temple Full Guide

Jirawala Parshwanatha temple lies at the foothills of Jairaj Hill at Jirawala village that holds great importance in Jainism. The place is also referred to as Jirapalli in the Jain scriptures. This is a must-visit place for travelers going to Mount Abu. It is located in Rajasthan, Sirohi District, and is about 50 km from Abu Road. A 900-year-old temple is supposed to be a finely sculpted design and a historic place to visit. 

Best time to visit

The Jirawala Parshwanathan sanctuary lies on the foothills of the Aravalis and is a very splendid place to visit. People come from all over to satisfy their wishes and the temple is said to have supernatural powers for performing truthful vows. In the past, devotees had many miracles to believe in. The best time to visit this place is from October to November when the temperature is mild.

How to reach Jirawala Parshwanatha

Roads are very well connecting if you want to go to Jirawala Parshwanantha temple and you can take a bus or local taxi both options are available. The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport. The railway station is also easily accessible from the Jirawala Parshwanatha temple through local buses or personal vehicles.

Famous places to visit Jirawala Parshwanatha

Pavapuri Jain Temple

This temple is a Holy Site for Jains in the district of Nalanda of Eastern India, Pawapuri, or Pawa, which is situated in Rajasthan. It is about 90 km away from Rajgir, 101 km from the capital of Bihar, Patna. Pawapuri is the nirvana site of Mahavira and a place of Jains pilgrimage. 


Jirawala is a Sirohi District village in the Indian province of Rajasthan. Abu Road has located 58 km. For Jain, this is a holy place. In the village, there is a renowned Jain temple complex. The oldest temple of Parsvanatha was built in 1134 AD. In the 15th century, several Jain saints and scholars visited and wrote religious books.

Bheru Tarak Dham Jain Temple

It’s the Temple of Jainism of Bherutharak. It is a magnificent temple with a favorable climate all over the year.  You can climb up the mountain otherwise it is 40 km by car; you can go to the temples of Dilwara on Mt. Abu just 5 or 6 km away. Dilwara is world-famous for its complex sculptures and is a famous tourist place of attraction.

Toad Rock

The hill station in the Aravalli Range in Pindwara-Abu is an Assembly Constituency of Rajasthan Sirohi District in the west part of India is located at the Gujarat frontier, Mount Abu. It forms a 22-kilometer long, 9-kilometer wide rocky plateau. At 1,722 m (5,650 ft) above sea level, it is the highest peak in the mountain is Guru Shikhar. This place is also known as ‘a desert oasis’ in which the rivers, lakes, cascades, and evergreen forests survive on their heights. Abu Road Railway Station is 28 km from the nearest Train Station.

Pava Puri Tirth Dham Jain Temple

Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is located in Rajasthan Sirohi. The temple was founded by K. The community P. Sanghvi includes the Tirth of Jain (Center for Temple) and the Kendra of Jeev (Center for Animal Welfare). The campus has a Center for Animal Education in which pigs, buffalos, dogs, and donkeys are there. The Goshala covers over 650,000 meters and contains more than 5,000 stray livestock and was founded in 1998. The Center has more than 150 staff and several veterinary surgeons for animal care. This is a must-visit place if you are an animal lover.

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