All About Seven Sisters Fall

Seven sisters fall or Nohsngithiang falls of Meghalaya is one of the most attractive places and famous among the tourists. Seven Sisters fall is the fourth highest waterfall of the East Khasi hills in India and represents the seven sisters of northeast India.

How to reach

The nearest airport located is in Shillong that is Umroi airport but it is not connected to major cities of India. Although Guwahati airport is located at a distance of 181km from Cherrapunji is the most visited airport to reach Cherrapunji and other parts of Meghalaya as it is connected to major cities of India and other international places. You can hire a taxi or a cab after reaching Guwahati airport to reach Cherrapunji. From Cherrapunji, seven sisters fall at just 3.4km distance.

The nearest railway station is also in Guwahati which is 175km from Cherrapunji. You can hire a taxi or cab after reaching the station. Local transport is also available.

Besides that bus services are also available from Shillong and Guwahati. The Guwahati bus services are connected to major cities of the northeast and other parts of India.

Best season to visit the place

May to July are the best months to visit the place as due to rain the waterfalls will be filled with water and look beautiful to the eyes of the tourists of Meghalaya.

About the place

If you want to witness something heavenly in Meghalaya the. Seven Sisters fall is the right place to go. You can spend your whole day just by looking at the scenery of the beautiful nature with the magnificent waterfalls. During the peak season, it provides a majestic and charming view to the tourists. Surrounded by greenery from all around in the Khasi hills, seven separate waterfalls are falling from 1033 ft of limestone cliffs. The motion, the sound of the flowing water, the environment heals you from within.

Besides that, there are some local shops that provide delicious snacks and food. This place is also a perfect place for photography. The sunset at this place always surprises the tourists.

Your trip is pretty incomplete if you do not visit Seven sisters falls in Meghalaya. This place is one of the best places located in Meghalaya and is a must-visit for every traveler.

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