Trip To Jowai

Jowai is a beautiful place located in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. This is an ideal place for road trips and adventures as they are accompanied by breathtaking alluring views of foggy mountains, lakes, and charming waterfalls.

How to reach

The nearest airport from Jowai is Umroi airport in Shillong but the most preferable airport is Guwahati airport located at a distance of about 180 km from Jowai. You can hire a taxi or a cab to reach the Jowai.

The nearest railway station is Guwahati railway station which is located at a distance of 160km and takes almost 4hours to reach by road. You can easily hire a taxi or a cab to reach the place.

Besides that, for road trips, NH 44 is the best route via Shillong. Bus services are also available from Guwahati and the police Bazar of Shillong which is connected to major cities of thaqe northeast.

Best season to visit the place:

March to May is the best time to visit the place as the temperature is favorable for the visitors since it is located at a high altitude.

About the place

Thadlaskein Lake

Surrounded by the Myntdu river of Bangladesh on the three sides at a high altitude this place is the perfect destination for all kinds of travelers. The Thadlaskein lake which is a man-made historical lake and the Lalong park are the most attractive tourist spots in this area.

Besides that Syntu ksiar is also an elegant place beside the shore of river Myntdu. There are some famous pork dishes and other cuisines which are very different from the normal food we have in our day to day life which you must try. Other famous tourist spots of the place are Tirchi falls, Jowai Presbyterian Church, Lalong park, and Juwai teer.

Lalong Park

Behdienkhlam is a major festival in Jowai. This festival lasts for 4days in July during the rainy season and attracts a lot of tourists to Meghalaya. Other festivals include the Laho dance and Chad supra.

The beautiful lifestyle of the tribal people adds much charm to the beauty of Jowai. You will forget every stress you have carried with you throughout the journey. Sometimes you need a break from the monotonous life and moving away from the crowd as much as you can is the best thing you can do. Jowai is the place where your body, mind, and soul will be relaxed.

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