Mawsmai cave

Mawsmai cave is the most famous cave in Meghalaya among all the caves present. Located at a small distance from Cherrapunji, Mawsmai cave attracts a lot of tourists of Meghalaya. Moving through the caves feels like an adventure. Inside the caves, there are glistening lights that make patterns when they strike the surface of the limestone of the cave. The total length of the cave is 150meters with some extensions.

How To Reach

Guwahati airport and Umroi airport are located nearby at a distance of about 175km and 82kms respectively from Mawsmai cave.

The nearest railway station from Mawsmai cave is at Guwahati which is about 148kms from the city and it takes almost 4hours to reach Mawsmai cave from Guwahati railway station.

However, if you are staying in Shillong and then visiting the place then it is 57km away. You can book or hire a private vehicle to reach Mawsmai cave and enjoy the beautiful road surrounded by mountains and lakes.

You can also travel from Cherrapunji bus station.

Besides that bus services are always available from Guwahati and other states via Guwahati.

Best Season To Visit

The weather is always pleasant for the tourists who visit this place. However to cover a large part of Meghalaya October to March would be the best time to visit Mawsmai cave.

About The Place

This 150metre long cave has many patterns that are seen in the lustrous light. You can carry a torch with you to see the place with more clarity. The paths are narrow and slippery. There is no problem with oxygen depletion. However claustrophobic people can stay away from going inside the cave.

Apart from the cave, there is a wide range of flora and fauna in the place. Some people offer to dress you like the tribes of Meghalaya and click pictures in that. The beautiful dress and pieces of jewelry reflect the rich culture and tradition of the state.

Mawsmai cave is the place where you will not only discover the cave but also experience a different vibe apart from the other places in Meghalaya. This place should be visited by all tourists in Meghalaya.

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