Lal Hydari Park Guide

One of the famous and most visited places in Meghalaya, Lal hydari park is full of exciting surprises of nature. This place is all about a green lawn, a garden full of vibrant flowers, and a mini zoo attracting tourists from all over the world.

How to reach

Lal hydari park is located in Shillong. The nearest airport from Shillong is Umroi airport at a distance of 35 km but it is still not connected to the major cities of Meghalaya. Guwahati international airport is located at a distance of 130km and takes almost 3hours to reach by road.

The nearest railway station is also at Guwahati. Cabs, taxis and local transports are easily available from the airport as well as the station.

Besides that Assam State transport corporation and Meghalaya transport corporation provides bus services from Guwahati and major cities of the northeast.

Best time to visit the place

October to March is the best time to visit the place for the tourists of Meghalaya.

About the place

Lal Hydari park is an authentic place providing gorgeous views and excellent vibes to all kinds of travelers. The scenic spot is suitable for every kind of activity like relaxing, photography, picnic, hanging out with friends, and many more. There is also a park for children which is quite crowded.

At a distance of half a kilometer,Crinoline falls are located providing gorgeous views and a soothing breeze. There is also a pool located at the end where you can take a cool dip. The mini zoo has porcupine, jackal, Himalayan black bear, leopard, deers, hornbills, etc that attracts a lot of tourists from the city as well as the other parts of the world.

Lal hydari park is the perfect blend of nature, animals, waterfalls, beautiful roads, and whatnot. The morning road looks like a way to heaven with soft mist on the grasses and the evenings are as beautiful as the mornings with the raw sunset rays falling on the gardens making the day most memorable.

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