Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley

Nubra or Nubra Valley is located north east of Ladakh Valley. It is a tri armed valley. The capital of
Nubra is Distik, which is 150 Kms north of Leh town. Ldumra which means ‘The Valley Of Flowers’ was the orginal name of Nubra. The Siachan river and Shyok river meets here and forms a large valley. The Shyok is a tributary of River Indus. The altitude range of Nubra ranges from 10000 feet or 3048 meters. Non-Indians require a permit called Inner Line Permit to enter Nubra. The Inner Line Permit can be obtained from DC office at Leh town. Only forein tourists require the permit.

The majority people of Nubra are Buddhists.  In the western and lowest altitude end of Nubra Valley the inhabitants are Balti of Gilgit-Baltistan, who speak Balti, and are Shia and Sufia Nurbakhshia Muslims.

One of the major attraction is traveling over the highest motorable road ‘Khardung La Pass’. It is the beat place to fit into acclimatization schedule of a Ladakh trip once you have reached Leh. It

has the hidden advantage of perfect acclimatization.

Get Here
By Road : 138 kms from Leh [See Map]
              : 1135 kms from Delhi [See Map]
By Air : 141 kms from Leh Airport [See Map]
*Nearest filling station is at Leh

When To Visit
In the months of Mid-October to March the place is mostly abandoned due to the high intensity cold and snow. But they might have some places opened up, but a few. Visitors start to come in the months of April and the peak period is the months of June, July, August, september. You can see Apricot flowers blooming in the

month of april all over Nubra Valley.

And again in the months of october residents start to pack up and it starts to get lonely. But you can enjoy october or novenber in Nubra valley even if it is deserted. You just have to be careful and mind your moves.

Stay Here
You can avail accommodations in Hotels or Home stays nearby or you can just build a tent and create your own space for you. The accommodation is upto your wish. There are camps for tourists too.

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