Lakes In Leh Ladakh

Lakes In Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is a pristine land where the beauty of Northern India rests peacefully. It is a indeed a blessed land with beautiful mountains and landscapes. It is also a place where you can find four lakes with the most beautiful sceneries in the world. Its like a place that you have never seen and you have to visit them as they are a once in a lifetime experience for most of them.

The four major lakes or places that you don’t want to miss if you are paying a visit to leh ladakh are:
*Pangong Tso Lake at a height of 4,350 meters.
*Tso Moriri Lake at a height of 4,595 meters.
*Tso Kar Lake at a height of 4,620 meters.

There are many more small lakes like Kyagar Tso [See Map] , Startsapuk Tso [See Map] , Yaye Tso [See Map] , Chilling Tso & Ryul lake [See Map]

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Tso Kar

Tso kar or Tsho kar is a huge salt lake which is best known for its depth and size. Tso kar is situated in a valley southeast to Ladakh which is known as Rupshu, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Tso kar lake is situated at a height of 4,530 meters. In the winter season the climate is very extreme, the temperature can go down well beyond -40 degree C. But in the summer season, the temperatures can go over a 30 degree C, with very extreme fluctuations during the day. Rain or Snow as precipitation are very rare here.
The months from may to august is the perfect time to visit here.

It has a maximum length of 7.5 kilometers and
a maximum width of 2.3 kilometers
It also has a surface area over 22 kmsq.

Get Here
Tso Kar is near to the Tso moriri lake and is at a distance of 87 Kms. [See Map]
The road distance to Leh which has the nearest airpot is 153 Kms. [See Map]
The road distance to Delhi is 917 kms [See Map]

Stay Here
The accommodation is easily available at Leh. Although camping facility is available near Tso Kar the number of tents available near the lake are limited. These are in the manali – leh road, in three kms to the lake. You’ll get any type
of accommodation in leh.

The food you’ll get here will be very basic. If you need good food you can get it in Leh or take it with you from home.

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