Tsomoriri / Tso moriri

Tsomoriri / Tso moriri 

Tso-moriri is also known as Lake Moriri. It is near to Leh Jammu and Kashmir. The Tso moriri is at a

height of 4,595 meters or 15075 feet. Tso-moriri  is one of the largest of the high altitude lakes. It is situated between Ladakh , Tibet and Zanskar. The Tso moriri is nourished by small springs and snow-melt from mountains. The lake is fed by two main stream systems. Both of them create large marshes where they are joined to the river. The water in the lake is alkaline.

Main Features
Maximum length of the lake is 19 kms
Maximum Width of the lake is  3  kms
The lake has a maximum area of 120 kms

Tso moriri is at a road distance of  approximately 240 kms. The drive from the Pangong Tso through Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation 
Reserve and is a part of the wetland reserve under Ramsar site.

the remote Changtang region to the Tso moriri is one of the most amazing drives in Jammu & Kashmir. Tso moriri is at a distance of 235 kms from Pangong lake and keep in mind that no petrol pumps are on route. The lake is entirely in Indian land. Tso moriri is actually known as

When To Visit Here
It is good to visit the lake from the month of March last to October. Most of  the roads are probably opened by this time. It will be freezing in the winter , and temperature cam go well beyond freezing.
You’ll be needing a special permit to visit the lake. without it you will not be able to visit the area.

Get Here
By Road 220 kms from Leh [see map]
Leh >Upshi > Chumathang > Mahe Bridge > Tso Moriri > Korzok (this is where camping is allowed)
               631 kms from Srinagar [see map]
               1000 kms from Delhi [see map]

Stay Here
You cannot simply camp near the lake and enjoy as you can do it
near many other lakes. It is a restricted area and so you cannot camp in the shore of Tso Moriri.  This is because it is a reserve and sanctuary for birds. But if you insist on camping then you can camp near Korzok village where there are tented colonies. Or you can find accomodation in Korzok village.

Other options near Tso Moriri are:
Hotel Lake View, Tsumoriri, Karzok, Jammu and Kashmir 194404 [See Map] (20 kms)
Tsokar Resorts ,Thukje Village ,Jammu and Kashmir 194201 [see map]

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