Self Guided / Independent Treks In Leh – Ladakh

Self Guided / Independent Treks In Leh – Ladakh

Ladakh, the land of many passes, of numbingly cold and insanely high barren landscapes, is one of

 the highest inhabited plateaus in the world. Remote, yet never isolated, this is the land of different cultural and religious influences from Tibet, India and Central Asia.
If you love driving, then there is not a better location to drive in India. It will be a dream come true for you to be behind the wheels of your choice. The Srinagar side route opens by May while the Manali side opens by June only. Each year the conditions of the road and the exact date of opening of the route varies. By October, the season ends.

Choose The Season
The Srinagar side route opens by May while the Manali side opens by June only. Each year the October, the season ends.

conditions of the road and the exact date of opening of the route varies. By
When you travel early in the season i.e. May till June, expect lot of snow on the roads especially on the many high passes. Route is challenging because of snow conditions. Weather is also a lot colder. Heavy winter wear will be required. July & August are summer months and day is quite hot while it is still cold in the morning and night. A combination of summer and winter clothing is required.

From September, the weather starts changing again and it starts getting cold again and by Oct end, it is quite cold. In Oct if you travel, you will experience the great autumn hues in the region.

What else do you need 

Clothing (type depends on season and region), comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, snacks (depending on availability along the route), map/guidebook, water bottle, water purification method, sleeping bag (recommended but not essential I trekked the Annapurna region without one just relying on blankets at the lodges), trekking pole or walking stick (not essential but often useful crossing rivers or going down steep descents), compass (if you don’t have a good sense of direction), medical kit (tweezers, small scissors, bandages, antibiotics for diarrhea i.e. cyprofloxin, basic pain killer, cold/cough medicine, ect.) Click here to see more things you need.

Choose The Place To Stay
Bring your own equipments like tent , sleeping bags , some handy equipments like torch , a knife , some heavy blankets , ofcourse something to eat and drink etc , and you wish to camp your own, then you can camp anywhere you like(pick a place where people are near) and someone would come upto you and ask for a camping fee like a 100 or 200 INR. (Trust me, that is good). make up a tent get a fire going on, and ENJOY!!

Dont worry if you’r planning to go without these try the below options :
Nun Kun Camp
Camping is for relaxation. No physical exertion, No hustle-bustle of city life.Still, campers, trekkers

have their own preferences and likes and many are turning to denser jungle areas for camping.
Tel : 01982- 252153, 251673, Mobile : +91 9419979372
E-mail : ,

As of May 2009, a user from Indiamike reported new camps at Jispa with a contact number for Sherba – +919418660225

 Sarchu’s almost luxurious tents called Camp Himalayan Saga are available(must be costly)

There are camping grounds in Hunder, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri, where you can camp at a specified area by paying a small fee. Apart from them, you can always ask for permission from land owner and pay them a small fee to camp at their field/ground.

If you decide to do a self-guided trek, homestays are aplenty. Here’s some advice for you :

Just walk in to the first village home or ask any local village folk. And rest assured, you will find a place even if you have not booked in advance – All you really need is a sleeping bag and something for food really. But these homestays now even have separate rooms for homestay guests which have been made in the outer courtyard. And don’t forget to ask the host’s permission to click those pix.  And check out the huge kitchens and ovens. It’s an amazing experience.

If you are planning to ride leh on a Bike(catch this) :

Bikes are easily available for rent and cost between Rs. 400-800, depending on the model and condition. Condition of most of these motorcycles is bad, so don’t be surprised if they refuse to climb passes, easiest way to fix this is by removing the air filter as it lets the motorcycle breath more freely.

Check this out: 
In Leh a user got Thunderbirds at Rs 500 per day from Apex Adventure (09419218233, 09419317593)
Discover Himalayas – 09419219225
Planet Himalaya (Mr. K T Phuntsog), Paul House, Zangsti, Leh, Ph: 9419218249 / 9906999906 with e-mail:

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