The Magnificent Dumboor Lake

Dumboor lake is another intriguing waterbody located in Gandacherra subdivision of Tripura. The name Dumboor is after the outline of the place which looks like the small drum that Lord Shiva carries.This place expands the directory of tourist places of Tripura.

How to reach

It is located in Gandacherra area of Tripura which is 120km from the main city that is Agartala. The nearest airport is Maharaja Bir Bikram terminal which is 12km from Agartala. Besides this, there is a helipad in Gandacherra subdivision located nearby.

The nearest railway station is in Ambassa which is 75km from Gandacherra. One can also take public transport or reserve private vehicles to travel by road from Agartala.

Best season

October to April is the best month to visit this place. The rainy season must be avoided as it causes complications in exploring the area.

About the place

Dumboor lake is a huge and breathtaking water body covering surrounded by the enormous amount of green vegetation and a peaceful vibe. There are a total of 48 small islands in this place. This place is completely different from the other parts of Tripura composing various tribes and their rich culture. In the winter season, there are a lot of migratory birds that come across the lake adding more tranquility to the place.

There is a Hydel Project near the place called Tirthamukh. Every year an event known as “Pous Sankranti Mela” takes place on 13th January. People from all over the state visit the place at that time and add a festive vibe to the place. A lot of fishermen are seen in this place as it is a reservoir of diverse fishes. After going to the place one has to reserve a boat which is negotiable at the cost of around 2000-2500INR. The total cost from Agartala to Dumboor including boat fare will be around 3000 to 3500 INR.

Dumboor lake holds a great position in Tourist places of Tripura. This is a must-visit for everyone visiting Tripura. Go and seize the tranquility of the breeze.

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