Things To Do In Munnar

Here is a list of things you might be interested in doing while visiting Munnar.
1. Walk through Estates
A walk through the aromatic tea gardens with your loving ones will enhance your love. The scenic hills covered with green foliage and a camera in hand; there cannot be a better way to spend your evening!It is not something a couple should be missing

2. Waterfalls, an experience
 There are a lot of waterfalls in and on the way to Munnar. It is such a great experience, taking a pic with the most beautiful background of splashing water. You can enjoy these with your friends or even with your family. Make sure yo be safe, be good.
3. Nilgiri Tahr
The Eravikulam National Park shelters the rare Nilgiri Tahr, which is very near to extinction. They are friendly, docile and naturally tamed. Pat them or pose for pictures with them; you’ll surely have plenty to brag about back home after meeting them! Tahrs are beautiful creatures that are only seen at Munnar in Kerala.
4. Fishing
Lakes provide a calm background for those who love fishing, there are lakes passing near estates, where you can have a wonderful evening with cool breeze. It will be an amazing feeling to be fishing alone or with a company in the calmness of the lake with the winds whistle making an atmosphere for you. Fishing provides an excellent mood for everyone.

5. Eco Fun
Stand at the eco point, shout at your highest pitch and hear your voice coming back to you. The natural echo phenomenon here gives the place its name. Its not a simple view point, home made choclates and other shopping materials are also available here. Everyone will have great fun here.

6. Tea plantations
Munnar is situated in the Kannan Devan hills. There are lot if tea factories and estates where you will be getting a ravishing experience which you wont be experiencing anywhere other than in Munnar. As soon as you enter Munnar you can see tea plantations all along your sides. Tea plantations provide a refreshing and energetic atmosphere to everyone. Travelers like to visit tea plantations mostly.

7. Viewpoints and Suicide points
Top Station is the highest point on Munnar-Kodaikanal Road. Home to the rare Neelakurunji (Strobilanthud) flower that blooms every 12 years, it offers a panoramic view of Tamil Nadu. Suicide points are also there in Munnar, which is also the best place for taking selfies. The suicide point offers a magnificent view of Munnar. Never miss a chance to visit.
8. Paradise for adventurers
Select the best of your masterpiece from rock climbing, rappelling to paragliding and even cycling. Due to its natural beauty, Munnar is even more exciting about such activities. You won’t be feeling tired even after your adventurous fun, That is a very unique specialty given by Munnar

9. Explore for Fun
Munnar has several places around it which are yet to be explored, Munnar has places still not visited by everyone which has mind-blowing beauties because it is such a vast place. The fun doesn’t have limits for age. So people of different ages will make themselves happy.

10.Beautiful Flowers
Several beautiful flowers not found anywhere are found in here. It provides the best place for lovers to hang out. Neelakurunji (Strobilanthud) flower is the most known flower for Munnar. It shows its majestic beauty once every 12 years. Other well-known species of flowers are found here too.

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