Things To Pack On Leh – Ladakh Trip

Things To Pack On Leh – Ladakh Trip


Travel Guide & Map Print Out

Copies of ID Proof
Mobile(take a spare BW phone which have a long battery backup)
Mobile Charger
Pen and a small pocket note
Bag locks (if needed)
Backpack or Carry bag
Extra spectacles with cover
Torch (spare batteries if needed)
Small Scissor
Camera with cover
Camera charger
Money Reserve(important)
Swiss Knife
Hand Sanitizer(a good one)
Sunglasses (if needed)
Multi Plug
water bottle (carry a good amount of water)
Match Boxes or Cigarette Lighter
Couple of candles
Plastic Bags / Plastic Zip Lock Bags
Safety pins
Tissue Paper / Napkins (Tissue papers are costly in leh)


Chocolates, toffees, chips (avoid chewing gums)
Pre-cooked food
Instant food
Dry fruits
Energy Drinks
Lots of fresh Water

Toilet & Clothing

Tooth Brush (Buy a new one :P)
Tooth Paste
Shampoo Pouches or a small shampoo bottle

Tissue Papers
Face wash if required but common for girls
Hair Oil
Moisturizing Cream
Lip Guard
Small Mirror
Shaver / Razor / Trimmer
Shaving Foam
Clothes(as the need)
Woollen clothes
Shall or Scarfs
Shoes and slippers
Driving gloves(if needed)
Jacket(light & heavy)

First Aid Kit

ORS (as needed)
Pain Relief Spray or gel (like moov ar volini)
Betadine (Antiseptic cream)
Dettol (Antiseptic lotion)
Pain Killers
Oxygen Cylinders(might be needed ,in case)
Avomine ( Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting)
Digene ( Relief from mild Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity)
Eno Sachets ( gas trouble relif)
Entroquinol ( Relief from mild Loose motion)
Cotton and Dressing Bandage
Some Turmeric Powder and Salt(needed for wounds turmeric is antibiotic)
Ongoing Medicines


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