Lolegaon Tourist Attraction- West Bengal Tourism Guide 2020

Around 120 km from Siliguri is a village beautifully decorated by nature known as Lolegaon. The village is a gateway to view nature at a close range. This is also known as nature’s cabin offering Buddhist monasteries with snow capped mountains in the background bringing true meaning to its name. 

How to reach Lolegaon?

Lolegaon is easily accessible via roads, rail and flight. People prefer different means as per their comfort or needs. So here how you can reach

By flight : Bagdogra is the nearest airport. Since the place is still not available for direct flights, people have to take cabs from the Bagdogra airport to reach Lolegaon within just 4 hours of drive. 

By rail : The New Jalpaiguri station is  the nearest and well connected to cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai. It is used to reach Lolegaon via cab within a few hours of time. And also travelling by train is very feasible. 

By road : The drive to Lolegaon is very smooth. But at the same time, it is less feasible than using rail. Kalimpong is the nearest town which is 55 km away. For a trip of 4 hours, Siliguri is just 124 km away from Lolegaon. 

What is the best time to visit?

People are suited to different seasons and different timings of a year. But still some take a look at the place in various timings and seasons. 

Winter : Winter months in September to February, bring a calm and ideal time to visit Lolegaon. The temperatures range from 7°C to 16°C with mornings becoming foggy. Exploring the whole area is not a problem in this comfortable weather. The snowy crown on Himalayan mountain gives a wow effect look. While you are in Lolegaon during winter, make sure to visit Lolegaon Viewpoint, Jhandi Dara Lo, Neora Valley National Park, Tiffindara Sunset Point La, and Eco Park. 

Monsoon : June to August accompany the monsoon season is not a good time to visit Lolegaon. Heavy rainfall makes the road slippery and also leads to blocked paths with road accidents and landslides to be common and result fatal. Temperatures are in the range of 14° to 31°C. It is advisable to avoid visiting during these months. 

Summer : Summer months including March to June are a bit comforting for visitors with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C. The blooming flowers, green grassland bring a rest to eyes for nature lovers. Roaming around the city during this season is a great idea to follow. 

People, feel free to travel when you think are suited the best in a year!

Who should visit Lolegaon?

Nature lovers who love to visit places and gain enjoyment and experience are welcomed here happily. The dreamy place is a heaven for people and brings peace to the minds of people. 

What is special about Lolegaon Tourism?

There are many places in Lolegaon to try a visit. Some of them are :

Changey falls : A small waterfall in between Ghanti dhara and Tiffin dhara. 

Rishyap : A hill station along with a village which is a bountiful of beautiful nature. Present in the Neora Valley. 

Neora Valley National Park : Composed of huge acres of land, this place comprises a national park. This is the prime tourist attraction of the place. 

There are many more spots to visit in Lolegaon and fill your hearts with peace and content. So when are you visiting here?

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