Famous for its massive rock engraved sculpture, Unakoti holds a major position among all the tourist spots in Tripura. The rock-carved figures have the image of lord shiva and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. How to visit: It is located at the Unakoti district, Kailashahar […]


Deeg is a small town in the state of Rajasthan, situated near the town of Bharatpur. The town is famous because of its elegant palaces, its exquisite fortifications, and its desi bazaars. The famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit and is also not far […]

Churu in Rajasthan

A town called Churu is famous and has brilliant haveli’s and frescoes. Churu has unique architecture on the edge of the Thar Desert amid the shifting golden dunes. Known as the “Thar Desert Gateway,” Churu lies in northern Rajasthan in the historic Shekhawati area. Due […]

Rajsamand Tour

Lake, which is the world’s second-largest artificial lake. The town also has religious significance for various religions, apart from the renowned historical buildings in Kumbhalgarh and Haldighati. Rajsamand is the location of the famous temple of Shrinathji, the chief deity of the religion of Vaishnav. […]