Famous for its massive rock engraved sculpture, Unakoti holds a major position among all the tourist spots in Tripura. The rock-carved figures have the image of lord shiva and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

How to visit:

It is located at the Unakoti district, Kailashahar of Tripura which is about 144km from Agartala city. One can take local transport by road to reach there at minimum cost. Railway service is also available up to Dharmanagar which is only a 1-hour distance from Kailashahar. The nearest airport available is Maharaja Bir Bikram terminal which is located 12kms from Agartala, the capital of Tripura.

Best season to visit

The best season to visit this place would be between October and April. There is a great event known as Ashtakami Mela is held in April. Thousands of pilgrims visit during this time and add a joyous vibe to the place.

About the place:

The rock-carved great figure of Lord Shiva which is 30 feet long with a designed crown of 10 feet along with the sculptures of Lord Ganesha is the main attraction of the place. There are also figures of Goddess Durga standing on the two sides of a huge Shiva idol. The whole place is full of ancient sculptures and a small waterfall flowing through lord Shiva adds more glory to the place.

If you are traveling to Tripura, don’t miss this gem. This place will add a lot to your memory and you will feel blessed for visiting this place.

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