Bankura Guide

Bankura is located in the North Western part of West Bengal. It is a part of Bardhaman district of the state and it is located in the area called “Rarh”.  Damodar River flows along the northern part of the district.


Bankura has gained much popularity among the people in India. The place has rich cultural heritage. This place is mainly known for its painting, arts and music.

The tourist spots in Bankura is divided into four zones :

Eastern zone – 

Bishnupur is a tourist spot of Bankura district. It is located 152 km away from Kolkata and 34 km away from Bankura Town. This place has a very historical importance as it was the capital of Mallabhum. It is especially known for the terracotta temples and the Baluchari sarees. It is also popular for classical music and painting. Jor Mandir, Rasmancha, Radhamadhab Temple, Kalachand Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Radha-Gobinda Temple and Shyam Ray Temple are few noteworthy temples. 

Joyrambati is 98 km away from Kolkata. Sree Sree Maa Sarada Devi was born here hence it is considered to be a holy place. Other important places here are the Temple of Singha Bahani Devi and Mayerepukur

Western zone –

Susunia Hill is also a noteworthy tourist spot of Bankura District. It is 50 km away from Bisnupur and 21 km away from Bankura town . It is specifically known for a natural spring and a historical stone engraving .

Biharinath Hill is one of the tallest hill (448 m) in Bankura. It is located in the northwestern edge of the district. It is 57 km away from Bankura Town. Biharinath has everything which includes hills, dense forest, water bodies, river Damodar, and a temple of Lord Shiva.

South zone –

Mukutmanipur dam – second biggest earth dam of India.

Mukutmanipur is a tourist spot of Bankura District. It is 55 km away from Bankura District headquarters. 

Jhilimili has a dense natural forest. It lies 70 km from Bankura Town.

Northern zone –

Durgapur Barrage

Gandoa Dam

Koro Pahar (Amar Kanan)


Railway – Bankura has a railway station. To reach Bankura, one has to hop on a train from Sealdah or Howrah. It usually takes about 3-4 hrs to reach.

Road – Bankura is connected via National highways which runs everywhere. 

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