Tripura Sundari Temple

We all are well acquainted with the wonders of God. Tripura Sundari temple is a Hindu temple for Goddess Kali, located at a distance of 55km from Agartala, the capital of Tripura. The temple is located in a small hillock as the shape is considered as a hump of a tortoise.

Best season:

The best season to visit Tripura is from March to July for sightseeing. Besides that Durga puja is a significant festival along with other festivals of Tripura so tourists can visit here in October and November.

How to reach:

Maharaja Bir Bikram airport which is located at a distance of 12kilometers from Agartala the capital of the city is the only airport in Tripura for traveling. The temple is located at a distance of 55kms from the main city. Besides that, there is an Agartala railway station located in the Badharghat area of the city. Also, you can always travel by road to explore more and more!
The temple is considered as the 51shakti peetha and it is said that the little finger of the left leg of Sati fell here. Maharaja Dhanya Manikya constructed this temple later with the cubical layout and shrines. The temple is small surrounded by a lot of shops and sellers. One famous sweet called peda is made by the local people and is sold in the shops as “bhog” for Goddess kali. Animal sacrifice is a major ritual in this temple which includes the sacrifice of goats and birds mainly. On the east side of the temple, there is a lake called kalyan sagar which has a large variety of tortoises and fishes. The tortoises are considered holy. Tourists can feed the tortoises and fishes with food that are available at a very low price near the lake. It is said that when a tortoise is about to die, it crawls up to the temple near the statue of the goddess and then takes its last breath.

The total fare needed for the trip to Tripureswari temple is very affordable from the main town that is Agartala. There is no fare charge to enter the temple but make sure you buy the peda with candles and incense sticks. This temple is a must visit place if you visit Tripura. Besides the temple, the scenic beauty and the peaceful vibe adds much elegance to the places.

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