Alibag / Alibaug, Maharashtra

Alibag or Alibaug is a wonderful coastal town located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra (India). Alibag is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in all over Maharashtra. Here tourists can see beautiful greeneries, beaches, forts, and many more. It is believed that the town got the name Alibag from the name of an Israeli who owned various fruit orchards (as Ali’s bag, Alibag).

There are various things to do in Alibag. One of the main attractions is going to the Kolaba Fort for sightseeing. One can always go to Madwa Beach, Alibagh beach, Hirakot lake, Hirakot fort, Kihim beach Varsoli Beach and many more all of which are beautiful. Some of the places offer you an amazing trekking experience as well.

Photo credits: Rakesh Ayilliath

Timings To Visit Alibag

The best time to visit the Alibag is between November to July. But, if you want to explore the greenery, then it is always better to visit in the rainy season that is between August to October.

How to reach Alibag

Alibag is 140 km from Mumbai airport.  From Mumbai, you can easily reach Alibag by using a cab, taxi or bus. You can take bus also to reach Alibag from the major cities like Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur, etc by roadways. If you are thinking to travel by train, then the Panvel railway station is the nearest railway station to Alibag. It is 45 Kilometers from Alibag and Panvel is well connected with other major cities through rail.

Cover Photo credits: Rakesh Ayilliath

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