Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Ellora cave is located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra ( India ). The Ellora Cave, according to UNESCO, is a World Heritage site and is one of the largest rock-cut cave complexes in the whole world.  Ellora is very famous for the rock-cut cave temples made by the Buddhists, Hindus, and Jain. The caves showcase beautiful carvings, wall writings and paintings all along the walls which will make your trip much pleasant and informative.

When you visit the Ellora Caves, you will see the remarkable architecture of ancient times. Most statues of the idols and deities which are inside are damaged as they are so old, but the paintings and the wall carvings are still clear and beautiful.  Different caves were made for a different purpose at that period. It is known that the caves 1 to 12 was made for the Buddhists, while caves 13 to 29 was for Hindus and 30 to 34 for Jain.

Cave no.10 which is known as the Vishvakarma cave, is one the most famous caves out of the 12 Buddhist Cave present inside. It is a prayer hall that consists of the statue of Gautam Buddha who is known to be the founder of Buddhism. Like this cave, various other interesting and world-famous caves are located inside the Ellora Caves.

Timings to visit Ellora Caves:

June to March is the best time to visit the Ellora Caves as the climate is cool and pleasant. You can visit the Ellora Caves between 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM and it is important to note that the location is closed on Tuesday.

A beautiful view of the Ellora Caves.

How to reach Ellora Caves:

Ellora Caves are just 30 kilometres from Aurangabad. Tourists can easily reach the Ellora Caves by using a taxi, bus or cab from Aurangabad. A highway is there which connects Aurangabad and Mumbai, so you can reach the destination by using the roadways. You can also take a train from Mumbai or Pune for Aurangabad. The station closest to Ellora is the Jalgaon Station. When you reach there, it is best to use a taxi or local buses for reaching your destination.

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