Bhaja Caves, Maharashtra

Bhaja caves are located in the Pune area in the state Maharashtra, India. They are a group of ancient Buddhist caves. These caves are built 400 feet above village Bhaja. These caves are 22 in the cluster and were built during the second century BC. The Bhaja Caves are best known for the amazing architecture of the Buddhism period.

In the Bhaja Caves, tourists can see the caves which consist of Cloister, Chaitya house, and solid stupas. Similarly, inside those caves, you can see the writings and the names of the contributors who funded the monasteries. You will also see idol art inside the caves. In terms of area, the Bhaja caves are in total 38.25 m long, 15 m wide and 14.50 m high.

Tourists can see several of the fabulous carvings, near the stupas and some more carving in the caves. The best time to visit the Bhajya Cave is around October to march.

Entry Fee and Timings for Bhaja caves:

Image credits: Anandajoti Bhikkhu

The entry fee for the caves is Rs 25 for Indians and for foreigners, the ticket price is around 300. The Bhaja cave is open all the days of a week and the time to visit is from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

How to get to Bhaja caves:

You can visit the Bhaja cave by taking a local train from Pune or Mumbai to arrive at Lonavala and then take a local train to Malavli, Which is the nearest railway station from Bhaja Caves. If you want to reach Bhaja Caves through the road, then you can easily take a bus from Lonavala to Karla caves. From Karla caves, Bhaja Caves is 10 km away. So, from here, you can take an auto very easy to reach your destination.

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Cover Photo credits: Aparna Mandava

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