A Complete Guide To Garo Hills

Garo hills are the beautiful part of the patkai hill range located on the Indo-Bangladesh border. Spanning through an area of 8000 sq. km, Garo hills are full of tropical and subtropical forests with rare species of flora and fauna on a wide range.

How to reach

The nearest airport from Garo hills is Guwahati international airport which is located at a distance of 200km from the place.  Early booking of private vehicles after reaching Guwahati is the best way to go there. You can also hire cabs and taxis after you reach Guwahati airport.

The Guwahati railway station is 182km from Garo hills. You can take a taxi or local transport to reach Garo hills. Besides that, daily buses connect Guwahati to Garo hills via Shillong and William agar.

Best time to visit the place

October to May is the best time to visit the place as the temperature is favorable for most travelers. The rainy season should be avoided as it causes trouble in the journey.

About the place

Garo hills is divided into five districts that are east, west, north, south, and southwest Garo hills. This makes the area quite easy to travel and explore. The Nokrek peak is the highest peak of the Garo hills range. The views from the Nokrek peak are so charming that you can sit and watch them the whole day. The Arabella hills and the Tura peak also adds charm to the beauty of the Garo hills.

The Nokrek national park is one of the famous attractions of the place. Other than that Pelga falls, Tura peak, Siju caves, Darga of Hazrat Shah Kamal Baba, Chibragre,Rongbang Dar waterfall, and Siju bird sanctuary are the tourist places in Garo hills that are most visited by people from all over the world.

The beauty of the Garo hills not only stops at its tourist spot and breathtaking natural scenery. The heritage and culture of the Garo tribes are the most popular and significant to many parts of the history of the place. The tree of Boldak Matchu Karam, the lake of Napak, the rock of Naka Choking are the places where the rich culture of the tribes of Garo hills are seen.

The largest town in the hills is Tura and most people stay there while traveling. Starting from the roads to the tip of the hills, everything seems like a wonderland. The traditional cuisine is very famous in Tura with shops of handicrafts and other delicacies.

Garo hill is a place where you must visit at least once in your life. The beautiful nature will not let you remember any tensions in your life. The easy lifestyle of the tribes, the roads, the lakes, and the hills will add a nostalgic feeling to your memory every time you remember the place.

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